August 21, 2013

He Who Hesitates Is Lost

Essay : [He Who Hesitates Is Lost]

English Essay on "He Who Hesitates Is Lost"

He Who Hesitates Is Lost

Points: Look before you leap – Hesitation originates for want of fore thought – A man of iron will succeeds in life.
We should look once, twice, thrice, or even as many times as is necessary, before we take a leap But once the leap is taken, there is no scope for revision, re-calculation or re-examination. We must then keep cur eyes fixed at the goal and push on without budging an inch either to the right or to the left. If we do, if we lose confidence in ourselves not only will the goal remain as far away from us as in the beginning, but we shall be lost. A navigator should think hundred times and examine very carefully before he embarks his ship in the boisterous and turbulent sea. But once he has done so, he must stick to the helm and pilot it through. But if, after setting it in motion and proceeding far from the shore, he is frightened by the mountain waves, loses confidence in himself and gives in, not only is he himself lost but along with him are lost the ship and its crew.
Hesitation or indecision originates from want of forethought and lack of confidence in one’s own self. In achieving success in any attempt or venture, we are, therefore, to take forethought and examine the pros and cons of the undertaking very carefully. And once the decision is taken to go ahead, we must stick to the purpose defying all odds and obstacles that may lie in the way. Life, after all, is not a bed of roses. We must, therefore, be prepared to face and defy all the obstacles that may oppose us. In other words, we must go on and on till the goal is reached.
A man of iron will and unshaken determination succeeds in life. He knows not what is failure. To him nothing is impossible. He, like Napoleon, thinks that the word “impossible” occurs only in the dictionary of the fools. He invites dangers and difficulties obstructing his progress. For these rouse his activity more and more and make him all the more determined. The English would have been totally distinct in the last Great War if they hesitated and gave up their purpose when they were encountering defeat after defeat at the hands of Herr Hitler.
They stuck to their gun unshaken and unnerved and moved on and on and the ultimate glorious victory was theirs.

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