September 17, 2013

My Idea of A Happy Life

Essay : [My Idea of A Happy Life]

English Essay on "My Idea of A Happy Life"

My Idea of A Happy Life

Points: Introduction Happiness is a state ‘of mind. A day in the life of a happy man Free from show and orientation Conclusion. .
Even creature seeks happiness. It varies with culture and temperament of people. Indeed, it is well know how one man’s food is another man’s poison. And in the same way, one man’s happiness may well turn out to be another man’s worry.
Happiness never comes from wealth and material gain. It is purely a state of mind. Since no two persons share the same vision of happiness, it is obvious that we all have our own special brand of happiness to pursue. We have our own ideas and ideals of happiness. To my mind an everlasting happiness is only related to one thing i.e, the spirit of contentment. It is the wealth of the mind. It is not lost it cannot be stolen, it increases with the years, it enriches our soul. And so my idea of happiness is a spiritual one. And in order to possess this inner wealth, it is necessary that I should live a simple life. Simple living encourages high thinking; this is the best guarantee of contentment. These are the things of the mind. These are truth, beauty, love, goodness, kindness and charity.
A happy man leads a chaste and honorable life. Simplicity and honesty are his guiding principles. Worldly name and fame are of no Value to him. His only object of life is to be good arid virtuous. He is not swayed by his passion. He thinks and acts free I v.
A day in the life of a happy man starts in a very humble way. He gets up early in the morning and offers his prayers. He. Recites the Holy Quran and submits to the will of Allah. He always looks to Allah for guidance and seeks his protection from all evils. He shapes his own destiny. He shuns all worldly ambitions. He faces the troubles, difficulties and misfortunes patiently and bravely.( His wealth is only his good thoughts. He never frowns at over trifles. He always keeps himself busy for doing good to others because it is a perpetual source of joy and pleasures to him.
A day in the life of a happy man is free from show and ostentation. He earns enough to maintain a frugal and simple life. He looks upon the earth as a place of temporary stay. Only good thoughts are his companions. Honesty of thoughts, integrity of character, fear of Allah and contentment are the qualities of a man who is really happy. He does no harm to others so he fears none. He does not aspire for a higher position and as such he is not afraid of his downfall.
It should not be misunderstood that a happy man is an ascetic. No, he lives in the midst of life with all its interests and responsibilities. He discharges his responsibility to his parents, his dependents, his home, his country and his fellow beings at large. But he does this in the spirit of selfless service.

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