January 31, 2013



The electronic computer is rightly called the wonder of the machine age. It can add, subtract, multiply and divide "with lightning speed and perfect accuracy." It can multiply several ten-digit numbers. We give a programme to a computer to work for us in any field-business, industry, construction, banking, medicine, teaching, and so on. In business and industry, the computer prepares and keeps lists of goods, correspondence records and sales and profit and loss accounts. It Can inform us of the production needs and the best production processes for a certain factory. It can compare several industrial processes of production and let us decide about the best ones. 4essay.blogspot.com 

A computer can solve all kinds of engineering problems of building, those of designing various building structures, finding the most accurate and effective material mixtures and safety measures for earthquake and sound-proof rooms. 4essay.blogspot.com 
In space or sea exploration, the computer is extremely useful. It collects information from outer space regarding distances, various heavenly bodies in movement, rays and beams in their effects, the earth's position and possibilities of man's travel into space. In the same way, information from the depths of the ocean is conveyed by sensitive computers regarding availability of oil, minerals, precious stones, sea and vegetable life, and rocks and sea beds. 4essay.blogspot.com 

Rockets satellites and spaceships are controlled through computers. In air travel computers are used to direct air flights between different cities, to control the speed and heights of planes and to help in taking off and landing. Computers have made possible the smooth working of the telecommunications systems. Millions of telephone lines over the country remain in operation through computerized telephone exchanges.

In medicine, computers are being widely used to diagnose or determine diseases, to prescribe medicines and to perform various tests like blood and heart analysis. In education computers started to be used in the 1960s. Instructional computers are used in two ways to provide direct presentation of data or to act as a teacher to test the understanding and knowledge of the student. The computer can very systematically present in different ways, and with a wide variety of examples, the developments in a field of knowledge.

Computers have brought about a revolution in typing. Computer typing is fast, accurate and beautiful, in several patterns and shapes. In computer typing moving rays of light from a laser lens are used.
In computer music, the composer programmes the computer to produce different rhythms, tunes and tones from some sounds stored in it. These sounds are stored on magnetic tape and can be played back. The computer helps in expanding the range of tones and tunes. Whole libraries and complete office records can be computerized. In our country big banks, hospitals, libraries, company and government offices educational, institutions, military departments, etc. have been or are computerized. 4essay.blogspot.com 

Perhaps the advantages of using computers out Weight the disadvantages. Computers save our time in solving our technical, social and national problems through their excellent memory and problem solving mechanisms. We cannot have industrial, technological and social progress of the highest order without a free and wide use of computers. Computerization and modernization now go together.

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