October 27, 2013

The Scene At A Busy Railway Station

Essay : [The Scene At A Busy Railway Station]

English Essay on "The Scene At A Busy Railway Station"

The Scene At A Busy Railway Station

Lastly Sunday, I went to Lahore Railway Station to receive a friend of mine who was coming from Islamabad. I reached there at 1.00 p.m. The train was due to arrive half-an hour later.

The waiting hall was crowded with people. Some of them were going to Islamabad while others had come to receive their friends or relatives or to see them off. Porters were busy carrying luggage to the platform. Some passengers paid whatever the porters asked for their services, while some haggled a lot to persuade them to accept less. Others felt that the porters were demanding too much and themselves carried their luggage to the platform.

There was along queue of passengers in front of the booking office. They were waiting their turns to buy tickets. I did not have to stand in this line, because I needed only a platform ticket.4essay.blogspot.com I paid ten rupees for platform tickets and a ticket came out of it immediately.

On entering the platform, I found it even more crowded than the waiting hall. All the benches on the platform were fully occupied. Many passengers were sitting on top of their luggage or walking here and there. Parties of schoolboys and schoolgirls, with cameras hanging from their shoulders, were continually walking from one end of the platform to the other. They talked and laughed, and, sometimes, cracked a joke or two about those passengers who had no companions. More and more people kept on pouring in, till the place became very noisy.

While people were anxiously waiting for the train to arrive, the porters were busy arranging the luggage they had to load into it. Passengers were having last minute conversations with their friends and relatives. Some of them appeared to be quite happy, while others had a few drops of tears rolling down their cheeks.

The train came in punctually at 1.30 p.m. My friend waved to me. Almost all other passengers also waved to their friends and relatives who had come to receive them. The train stopped, and passenger began to alight from it or board it but instead of doing so in an orderly manner. They became impatient and began to push one another. My friend, however waited calmly and alighted when the rush was nearly over, but there was still a lot of hustle and bustle on the platform, when we left it.

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