February 15, 2013

Life of a Doctor

Essay on Life of a Doctor

Points: Introduction – The prime object of a doctor – A servant of suffering humanity – A man of strong nerves – All are treated equally – A doctor’s life is not of an ease and comfort – Conclusion.

The life of a doctor should not be regarded as a bed of roses. He is a very busy man, day and night. He is always cool and collected. He has a kind word and a sweet smile for everyone. Sympathy and sincerity are the two essential qualities which every doctor should possess.4essay.blogspot.com

Psychological dealing helps a patient to recover soon. A truly sincere doctor always thinks the patient’s welfare as his prime object. A doctor has to be friendly with the patients so that they may frankly tell the details of their diseases before him. Patience is another outstanding quality of a doctor.

A doctor is so busy that he works from seven in the morning till ten at night. In the morning be goes on his round of visits and then attends to the patients gathered in his dispensary. A doctor’s life is such that he cannot be very much given to bodily rest and relaxation or long vacations. If there is an urgent case he has also to get up in the middle of the night. He is servant of the suffering humanity.4essay.blogspot.com

A doctor has to be a man of strong nerves. What a variety of patients a doctor had some have come with a complaint of fever, some with a headache, a backache, or some with a toothache. Some have malaria, some have influenza and some have typhoid. Some patients are suffering from skin disease, while others are complaining of the loss of appetite. He takes each patient by turn, examines him carefully. He has to see many horrible scenes of accidents and deaths with full control over his nerves. In the operation theatre a doctor’s time is very critical. He has to be very quick and skilful at the time of operation.

A doctor makes no distinctions between one patient and another. His room is always filled to capacity with all types of patients. There are men, women and children; rich and poor old and young; carpenters and blacksmiths; businessman and brokers; teachers and hawkers; millioners and moneyless all are treated equally. He is courteous to everyone.4essay.blogspot.com

A doctor’s life is not of an ease and comfort. It is not only a matter of his daily duties to treat the patients. He is a keen student of medical science. He keeps himself in touch with new researches and discoveries. A good doctor always keeps his knowledge fresh. It increases his efficiency and confidence.

In short, a doctor is a responsible person. His profession is a sacred one which entails heavy responsibilities and demands sacrifices. It should not be deemed that the aim of a doctor’s life is only to earn money by charging high fees for his services. He should be kind, sympathetic and well equipped with knowledge and skill.

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