July 05, 2015

A Journey By Boat

A Journey By Boat

English Essay on "A Journey By Boat"

A journey by boat is very pleasant, of course, as long as the river is not flooded. Two years ago I went with my family to Sukkur. One day we decided to go to Sadhu Bella and to the ruins of Bhakkar. My father hired a boat for the purpose. We all, I, my father, my mother and my younger brother clambered into the boat.
It was a beautiful evening. A gentle breeze, which is unusual in Sukkur, was blowing. We started from the barrage and rowed down the river. Then, I went and sat by the side of the boat man and asked him to let me row. Father did not approve it but I insisted. Seeing me so adamant, the boatman told father that he would help me and no harm would come to me. He, at last, agreed to it.
I took the oars. But they were too heavy for me to row with. So I asked the boat man to give me one oar only and I held it carefully with both hands. He asked to me to keep rhythm with him while rowing. I moved my hands, keeping in sight, the movements of his hand. It was thrilling for me to row and I looked with proud eyes at my younger brother.
We reached Sadhu Bella soon. We got down the boat and saw the temple. Sadhu Bella is a very old temple built in the river just in front of the Railway bridge. There were some idols. Then we rowed up to the ruins of Bhakkar. The ruins looked desolated and dreary in the darkness of the evening and the shading trees. Every where, there were bushes or trees. We saw the ruins of the Jamia Masjid, the palace and the houses. As darkness was overtaking us, we decided to return.
The return journey was beautiful but strenuous as we had to go up the river and had to row against the stream. The sun was about to set and the twilight reflected in the water.(4essay.blogspot.com) The sun, a great red ball, was surrounded by golden, pink and crimson colours. The scene was enchanting. I was not accustomed to row as the boat man was. I had to pull the oar with all of my might but the current opposed me. Soon I was too tired to row. I told the facts to the boat man who had got a liking for me by that time. He took (he oar and asked me to remain silting where I was. Soon we passed under the railway bridge and reached the barrage. A little before Sukkur barrage we got down. The boatman asked me to come the other day when he would take me to the place where the river divides into two streams and then after flowing a considerable distance the streams meet again. My father was looking at mc disapprovingly and I refused with thanks.

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