May 13, 2012



Points: Why f like tennis - Why I don't like other games. I like to play other games too, but none so well as tennis.

Of all the games. I like tennis best. Tennis is the king of all the games, and all the fashionable people like to play it. It is a favorite game of the cultured and the refined.

I have my reasons for liking tennis more than any other game. First of all tennis is not so violent as hockey or football is. It is physically impossible for a man of weak constitution like me to bear the heavy strain of either hockey or football. Only those who possess an exceptionally strong health can bear the strain of, and enjoy playing these games. But in the case of weak person they do more harm than good. Secondly, why I prefer tennis to any other game is that tennis is not so risky as hockey, football, or cricket. A ball in hockey may strike your bone and leave it broken for life. A hard kick at foot ball may dislocate your leg and make you lame for ever. In cricket, the ball may strike your head and break it, or hurt your nose or teeth. But no such fear need trouble you in tennis. It is such a safe game that even a child can play without breaking limb or muscle. It may be argued that it is cowardly to fear danger, that a brave boy must face danger boldly and overcome it rather than avoid it; but no such advice can make me play games like foot-ball, cricket or hockey. I strongly believe that 'discretion is the better part of valour', that it is wiser to avoid danger rather than court it. Lastly, why I like tennis is more or less personal I take pride in playing this game. I feel it a game superior to all the others. Moreover, I derive more pleasure and satisfaction from playing tennis than from any other game. I cannot understand why other people like hockey and football better than tennis. They must be thoughtless people. Otherwise they must have decided in favor of tennis long before. A light game at tennis relieves .you, brings you joy, fills you with satisfaction and gives you exercise sufficient for the up-keep of bodily health. What more do you want? It is such an enjoyable game that no one can resist the temptation of playing it.

I can play football and hockey besides tennis, and a little of cricket and volley-ball; but none so well as tennis.
It is the game I like most to play.

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