December 21, 2013

A Quarrel In My Street

Essay : [A Quarrel In My Street]

English Essay on "A Quarrel In My Street"

A Quarrel In My Street

It is quite natural for the people who live side by side to quarrel, just as it is good for them to live in peace and harmony. But good neighbors resort more to peace and friendship than to quarrels and fights.

Yesterday, a serious quarrel took place in the streets in which I live. A small boy was playing with a ball. He would throw it and run after it, in order to catch it. Sometimes, he would strike it against the ground and stand there admiring it as it bounced high above his head. A dog belonging to our next-door neighbors was also running about in the street. Seeing the boy running after the ball, the dog, too, decided to join in the chase. But no sooner did the dog approach, the boy than he began to cry out of fear. His mother came out of the house and finding that the dog had frightened her son. Began to curse all the stray dogs and their careless masters.

This was not a direct attack but the lady to whom the dog belonged made no mistake as to whom it was really meant for. She began to curse all those parents who could not prevent their children from Straying into the streets and public thorough-faces. Finding herself outwitted at the art of indirect attach the first woman resorted to open hostility and shouted at and cursed the other with all the fluency of abuse that she commanded.( I wonder if any historian. Past or present. Could faithfully describe the various attacks and counter-attacks that took place.

When the ladies, if so we call them had shouted themselves hoarse, the husband of the first called her back, and, at the same time, said something indecent and impolite about other. This was too much for the husband of the other to let go unchallenged. He dashed out of the house cursing the other for his meanness in joining in a quarrel between their wives, and threatened to hit him. Little daunted by this threat, the other brought out his shotgun. Saying. I will shoot down your dog and then you for causing all this trouble. If you shoot down my dog. I will shoot down your son, said the other while running back for his own gun.

Knowing their husband's tempers well, the two ladies decided to cease-fire at once. And each began to push back her husband, trying to snatch back the gun from his hands and imploring him not to use force. One did not relish the idea of her son being shot dead. While the other could not afford to see her husband hanged or imprisoned for murder.

The quarrel ended with the parties having returned indoors.

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