September 05, 2013

After Missing The Last Bus

Essay : [After Missing The Last Bus]

English Essay on "After Missing The Last Bus"

After Missing The Last Bus

My school is nearly ten miles from my hometown. On week days, I stay with a family near my school, but spend the week -ends at home. Last Friday, I was held up at school doing some work in the library, of which I am Head Prefect. It was nearly six p.m. when I left for the bus-stop. The last bus was leaving when I was hardly a hundred yards away. I shouted for it to stop. Either it was already filled to capacity or the conductor failed to notice me. For one reason or the other, I missed the bus.
The best thing for me to do then would have been to return to my residence and travel home the following morning. But I decided against this course. I was afraid that my parents would be unduly worried about me. My father would have to cycle all the way in the night to make inquiries about my safety. And my mother would not be able to sleep or rest.
I went to the taxi stand from, which I hoped to get a taxi, to my town. I was prepared even to hire a full taxi. There was no taxi at the stand and an attendant there advised me to return home the next morning. I however decided to try my luck. It was nearly seven when a taxi halted a stop. It needed only one more passenger. This suited both the driver and me and I hopped in.
We had gone about three miles from the stand when the engine of the taxi developed some trouble and stopped. The driver made it start again but it failed soon afterwards. It was dark now. The driver suggested that the four of. us should pass the night with him in the house nearby. The other passengers agreed to this suggestion but I decided to walk on until I could thumb a lift.
I had hardly gone another mile when a car drew up alongside of me. In it there were four young men. Luckily enough for me I heard one of them. Say to the one sitting next to the window in front of me I heard one of them say to the one search the fellow! on hearing this I ran into the rubber estate beside the road.( All of them left the car and ran in pursuit of me with torchlight's in their hands at the first opportunity offered to me; I climbed up a tree and hid myself in it. After searching the place for about fifteen minutes, the gangsters drove away.
I came down from the tree and resumed my journey. I was scared of meeting the same gang or anybody else like them once again. Therefore I walked only so long as I was not within half a mile of any vehicle approaching me from behind .or front. As soon as a vehicle appeared in the distance I took over behind some bushes or trees beside the road and stayed there until it had gone out of sight. Naturally my progress was very slow. It was midnight when I reached home.

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