September 04, 2013

Knowledge Is Power

Essay : [Knowledge Is Power]

English Essay on "Knowledge Is Power"

Knowledge Is Power

You can elaborate your essay with the help of some examples from your study of history. Mainly the argument will be philosophical. Mark the following hints

1) Knowledge its definition and importance
2) How can knowledge become power, A man of knowledge is powerful because he can understand the things around him and makes their best use.
3) A man of knowledge can understand his own self, own talents and can develop them.
4) He understands others and can guide them.
5) Examples from history.
6) A man of knowledge can understand God, commandments and the teachings of religion

Knowledge is the source of light which guides us in all the works of life. The entire progress of mankind is due to knowledge. In the modern days knowledge is the only basis of individual and national progress and prosperity. All the hopes about bright future and golden age are associated with the acquisition of knowledge.
Science has given mankind an enormous power. All the scientists were men of knowledge. Consider how these men of knowledge gained power themselves and enabled their fellow beings to share equally the rewards thereof. Before the advancement of learning and science man lived in the dark ages. To him the things and forces of nature were understandable. Hence he interpreted them in terms of deity and worshipped them. The clouds and rains the thunderstorm the mountains and valleys. The deserts and forests the rivers and oceans and a!1 other phenomena of nature were insurmountable for man. The forces of these things were attributed to the gods and hence man bowed his head before offered sacrifices to them and did many other ridiculous things.( Even the wild beasts of jungles and the them crawling reptiles were taken to be gods. But now the knowledge has changed the entire attitude of man toward these things. They are no longer worship able gods and lords but they are the servants of mankind. Due to the power of knowledge man has brought these things under control to the best of his advantage, All the inventions of science have afforded a lot of power to man. The huge machines, the gigantic ships, the railway trains, the electricity and finally the atomic energy are all the manifestations of that power. So much so that the man is trying to reach moon and other planets in this sputnik age.
A man of knowledge can understand his own self. He can have a full measure of talents and capacities and can thus develop them. This enables him to derive benefit out of them and to make the desired progress in life. An illiterate man, on the other hand, can never realize his inherent capacity and so he is seen working by the roadside braking stones or doing some other petty laborious job which does not bring him full reward
Moreover, a man of knowledge can fully understand his fellow-men-their needs, their inclinations, their difficulties and their social and political circumstances. Having a close scrutiny of his fellow, beings a man of knowledge can help them, can lead them and can enable them to steer clear out of their difficulties. The pages of history are full of the accounts of the great leaders, writers, philosophers and teachers who helped and guided nations in their anxious moments. Quaid-eAzam was the most desired man to help the Indian Muslims in the hour of need. Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was the guide and philosopher whose knowledge instilled a new life in the Muslims, enlightened them and gave them a philosophy with which they fought the twofold battle of freedom and gained a separate home-land-our dearest Pakistan.
A man of knowledge can understand God in the real sense of the word. He can have divine knowledge; understand the teachings of the religion and the commandments of God. There goes a proverb in Persian which tells us that an illiterate man can have no recognition of God. The power that a divine can get excels everything in this temporal world. No one can very well imagine the power that the prophets and seers had over the world and the force that is still there in the Heavenly Message which they brought to mankind.

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