January 30, 2013

My idea of a happy life

My Idea of a Happy Life

The man is a very strange creature of God. He's got so many faces and roles that it is difficult to find someone in his true colours. We all live in society and get ourselves engaged in various social interactions or gatherings, but very few of us are successful in finding the pleasure or real happiness. The dilemma of modern man is that he's engaged in doing a lot, and his thirst of more is never satisfied. He is therefore facing lack of happiness, I believe that happiness is like a fountain that springs and waters all or it is like a heavy cloud that showers like rain. For me a happy life is a life which has got a comfortable setting, health of body and peace of mind. It means I should have a proper shelter, education, food, and enough clothes. Some people regard wealth as a source of comfort but one can easily see that this desire of wealth makes the man restless and tired.4essay.blogspot.com

If I have, basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, and if I am not greedy for more, I will have a very comfortable life with all the true colours that this life offers. I will not be jealous to any body and will have peaceful time to socialize myself. In a happy life I also see myself quite healthy and fit. For this take exercise daily and always try to have positive thinking because I know it very well that only a positive mind can have a healthy body. On the basis of shelter and health my sole desire for a happy life is to have peace of mind. In my opinion, without this one cannot enjoy a happy and satisfied life.

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