July 13, 2012



Points: Introduction - Our neighbors - Our family members Conclusion.

Last month my father bought a new house and we went to stay there. It is situated in the central part of the city. Not far from our house there is a bus stand. Schools and colleges and markets are near it. It has three rooms on the ground floor and three rooms on the first floor. In front of the house there is a compound where we planted bushes of flowers. In the backside we have sowed seeds to grow vegetables. Our new house is airy and well-lighted.

We have got a few neighbors. They are kind, loving and helpful. Within a short period they have mixed with us and we feel quite at home in our new house. They invited us for tea and in return we invited them. In our family, there are eight members. I have two brothers and one sister younger than myself, while two sisters and one brother are my elders. It forms a big circle at meal times. I am the fourth child in my family. My elder brother is a final year student of the Sind Medical College. My elder sister is very sweet and affectionate. If I am ever in difficulty with my home-work, and that is by no means uncommon, I have my brother and sisters to help me. I also help younger’s in their studies. The youngest one is our sister. Her baby-talk gives us great enjoyment. She is darling of all. We live like little community.

My father is a college teacher. His income is just enough to maintain such a big family. Our meals are not rich, and nothing can be wasted. But we have always had plenty of simple, nourishing food, and none of us have ever had to go hungry. So we are much better off than millions of poor people in our country. My father takes great care of all of us. He also takes keen interest in our studies. If anyone of us falls sick, he is always at his bed-side. He gets extremely worried if my elder brother returns home late.

My mother is very sweet lady. She never shouts at us nor does she beat anyone of us. She has much sympathy and love for each of us. My sisters help her in house-hold work. She does all cooking in the house.

We lead a very regular and disciplined life. Our home is very sweet because each member has deep love and affection for one another. Although we are not rich, yet we have the wealth of contentment and simplicity.

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