October 27, 2013

A Journey By Train

Essay : [A Journey By Train]

English Essay on "A Journey By Train"

A Journey By Train

Last year, my aunt in Lahore invited me to spend my summer holidays with her. I gratefully accepted her invitation. As I had never travelled by train before, I decided to do so this time.

In the afternoon of the 15th of July I reached the railway station. I was told that the train for Lahore would arrive an hour later than usual. I did not like this news, as I was anxious to board the train as soon as possible. I had never seen the inside of a railway-carriage so far. Since I had to wait an hour for the train, I decided to spend the time loitering about on the platform, and reading all kinds of charts, timetables and advertisements on the walls and notice boards of the railway station.

The train arrived at 2.30 p.m. there was a great rush on the door ways of the compartments as the passengers bustled and pushed one another in inpatient attempts to enter or leave the compartments. After a 'few minutes, however, this rush was over. I entered a third-class compartment and occupied a seat beside a window.4essay.blogspot.com The guard blew his whistle and waved a green flag. This was the signal for the train to start. Then the engine of the train whistled loudly and the train pulled out of the station.

Like a curious child, I kept on putting my head out of the window, to see all the exciting things past, which we were travelling. I was, however, soon tired of this, as a strong wind blew straight into my face and made my eyes smart. Then I was quite content just to see things in the distance only. There were rubber trees, paddy fields and thick jungles on either side of the railway lines. We had to pass through a few tunnels also. It was very dark inside those tunnels. Lights were switched on every time the train approached one.

Every time the train stopped at a wayside station, some passengers alighted from it, or boarded it. One after another, all the passengers bound for Lahore fell asleep in their seats. As the train stopped at a station they opened their eyes, but as soon as it turned again they fell asleep. Parties of schoolboys, however, kept on moving from one end of the train to the other.

There was a dining car I the train where passengers could have refreshments. I had my tea there. The train arrived at Lahore at about 6.30 p.m. all passengers bound for Lahore alighted and boarded the railway ferry waiting in the harbor. We disembarked at the railway-jetty at about 7 p.m. I had thoroughly enjoyed my first train journey.

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