November 18, 2012



Points: Introduction – A very well-organized institution – Different staff – Enquiry office – The stamp vendor – The scribe – The sorting room – Conclusion.

The Post Office is one of the most important, and useful institutions maintained by the Government. It carries on many useful activities for the public such as the dispatch and delivery of letters, parcels, money-orders registered and insured letters, etc.

It is a very well-organized institution. If we enter a large post office, we shall find that it is divided into many departments. It has many windows, at each of which postal work of a different kind is done. At one window we find the money-order clerk. He is always busy receiving money-order forms "duly" and also "unduly" filled in. As soon as he gets one, he reads it carefully and then demands the money that the sender has put down in the money order. He counts it carefully. He also asks for the money order fee. After this he gives to the sender a stamped receipt, which means that the post office is responsible for the safe delivery of the

We find the parcel clerk sitting behind another window. He is not so busy as the money-order clerk. It is his business to receive and deliver only registered parcels.

It is very interesting to watch the clerk, who receives registered and insured letters. This clerk has to exercise special care to see that all the seals are intact. Similarly, we find the clerk in charge of the Post-office• Savings Bank sitting at a window. He has not as many people to deal with as a clerk in a bank, but still he remains quite busy.

Most of the larger post offices have an enquiry office, where one can lodge complaints. Almost every post office has got a stamp vendor. He generally sits on a mat with a box, which contains postcards and envelopes for sale. He is also a scribe, and writes letters for illiterate

The most busy part of the post-office is the sorting room. Here letters and parcels are received from the railway station, and distributed among different postmen, who deliver them to the addressees.

The post office is a great boon to the public. It carries letters from one end of Pakistan to the other for a trifle. The post office has also taught people to be frugal and to save money. No civilized people or country can do without such an institution.

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