September 11, 2013

My Favourite Teacher

Essay : [My Favourite Teacher]

English Essay on "My Favourite Teacher"

My Favourite Teacher

My favourite teacher is Mr. Raza he teaches us Mathematics. Mr. Raza is proverbially absent-minded. He teaches in a number of classes, and he usually goes to a wrong class before finding out to which class he should have gone. Often he opens his book at a wrong page. When the class points out the error, he apologizes by explaining that he mistook the class for another. His tie is always in a wrong place, and is seldom that its knot is not loose.
He is forgetful to a fault, but he never forgets that his pupils laugh or smile while he is teaching only if some of his buttons are not closed. In such a situation he gives a broad smile, turns his face toward the blackboard to check all his buttons, and closes them if necessary. His trousers are always crumpled, and it is only once in a blue moon that his shoes are shined. Of course their laces are seldom tied you might have concluded from the account so far given that Mr. Raza is bachelor.
But Mr. Raza is hardly forgetful so far as his subject and his work are concerned. He marks our exercise books with utmost care and is extremely punctual in returning them to us. Whatever problems from our text-books or from any other books, we may take to him he can save them at a glance.( He explains very painstakingly and appears to understand our difficulties and shortcomings better than we ourselves do. He may describe as untidy where his dress is concerned, but in the matter of Mathematics he is meticulously neat and tidy. His handwriting is certainly the best I have ever come across. His drawing is simply marvelous.
You should not think, of course, that I like Mr. Raza because he behaves like an absent-minded philosopher, or because he is very efficient as a teacher of Mathematics. He is every inch a gentleman, and is more generous than anything else.' All his pupils have easy access to him for guidance in their studies. If some of them feel shy of approaching him, he scolds them for not availing themselves of his help. He has financially helped many a bright but needy pupil of his.
Nor should the reader think that because of his awkward way of dressing. He does not command respect of his pupils or that his class is ever not disciplined. Strange as it may seem, it is true that his are the most disciplined classes in school. He is never heard shouting at his pupils, nor does he ever report any of them to the principal. He has such a knack of passing witty remarks at the cost of offenders' against discipline that they dare not do anything to attract his notice. It is true that we are not afraid of him. But seldom has anyone of us behaved as if he were 'free' with him.

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