February 21, 2013



Points: The match between the – Dawn school and DVS school – The first half of the match – The game after the interval.

On Saturday last a very keenly contested hockey match was played between the Dawn School and the D.V.S. School. Crowds of spectators, consisting mainly of school students, had come to witness the final match of the Inter school Hockey tournament. Both the teams had high hopes and were confident of an easy victory.4essay.blogspot.com

The referee blew the whistle and both the teams took the field at exactly 5.p.m. Soon after the toss the game began. It was a brisk game from the very beginning. The Dawn school team dominated the game from the outset. Their good combination and team-spirit helped them a lot. The D.V.S. school team found it hard to withstand the attacks of the opponents. On one occasion the Dawn school team netted the ball but to their great misfortune the referee gave the whistle for “sticks” at that very instant. But soon after the D.V.S. school summoned all their energy and fell upon the Dawn school who were taken completely by surprise at the sudden wakening up of their opponents. But they could not score any goal. Thus the first half of the match remained goalless. Everybody looked forward to a well contested second half.4essay.blogspot.com

Alter the interval the match begin fresh enthusiasm. From the very start it was brisk and exciting. The boys of the Dawn school attacked their opponents furiously but were soon driven back. The eyes of all were no turned to the centre forward of the D.V.S. School. He caught the ball, outwitted the Dawn boys, rushed with it at full speed into the “D”, with a lucky scoop put the ball in the net, and to the surprise of all scored a clear goal. The Dawn School team became even more active than before. They put all their energy and strength into the game. They tried more than once to score a goal but every time met with disappointment. At last the captain of the Dawn School team made a desperate attempt. He took the ball, confused all his opponents, ran straight towards their goal and scored with a well-placed shot. Loud cheers followed. There were now only five minutes left. A very exciting game followed, but neither team could score any further goal, so the match ended in an exciting draw.

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