October 06, 2013

The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Essay : [The Day When Everything Went Wrong]

English Essay on "The Day When Everything Went Wrong"

The Day When Everything Went Wrong

One night, last month I did not sleep very soundly. I passed the night tossing and, turning in bed. I had many dreams but when I got up in the morning, I remembered only one of them. In this dream, I had attended a wedding and eaten many kinds of delicious foods. When I related the dream to my mother she shook her head and remarked that it was a bad one. She advised me to be careful in whatever I did in the course of the day. I however attached no significance to my dream or to my mother's interpretation of it.

I washed myself and dressed for school. My mother had, meanwhile, prepared my breakfast -bread and butter and tea. I took the plate in my left hand, and held the tea-pot in my right hand as I walked to the table. My foot was accidentally caught in a same loose strings lying on the floor and I lost my balance and fell over. The tea-pot and the plates were smashed into pieces while the bread landed on a heap of dust that my mother had just swept from other parts of the house 'There was no more bread in the house, so I was given some extra pocket money for breakfast at the school canteen.

I took my bicycle and left for the school as fast as I could. I had, however, not gone far, when the back wheel of my bicycle was punctured. The bicycle had to be pushed to a bicycle repairer's shop. He discovered a number of holes in the tube, and it cost me all the money in my pocket to get them mended.

I reached school more that than an hour late. There was at that time no prefect on duty at the gate, but unfortunately for me, the Headmaster himself was there. As this was not the first time that I had been late, I was led to his office and given a few cut with a cane. In addition, I was ordered to stay in for an hour and write for a reasonable number of times a sentence condemning myself for being late every day.(4essay.blogspot.com) I was afraid that this reasonable number might be unreasonably great. So I labored as hard as I could at the imposition. Thank God, the Headmaster was satisfied with my work.

It should be understand that having no money with me since all of it had been spent on getting the punctures mended, I had to go without any food or drink at school.

In the afternoon as I sat doing my homework I saw my I saw youngest brother climbing on a pile of boxes stacked in the storeroom. Instead of quietly telling him to come down, I lifted a shoe to scare him. He was so frightened that he lost his balanced and fell headlong to the floor. He fainted on the spot and for a while it seemed there was no hope of his surviving the mishap. Luckily he came to himself but, when he related the incident to our father, I was severely punished.

In the evening my parents went out leaving me behind to look after my younger brothers and sisters. One by one, they all went to bed. Being unusually tired and unhappy, I also fell asleep as I lay 11 beds musing over the day's happenings. When my parents returned, they found the door bolted from inside, none of us heard their shout and threats. In the end they had to break a window to get in. You right well guess what happened to me then.

My mother's interpretation of my dream was not wrong after all. I wished I had followed her advice'