September 11, 2013

A Good Citizen

Essay : [A Good Citizen]

English Essay on "A Good Citizen"

A Good Citizen

A citizen is an inhabitant who enjoys the full municipal and political privileges of a town or country. As such he is a member of a community. This community is made up of many citizens of whom he is one. The community gives him a chance to lead a peaceful life and, in return for this, he has to perform certain duties.
First of all, he loves his country. He is ready to sacrifice everything including his life, to defend its freedom and honor. But love for one's own country does not mean hatred for other countries. And a good citizen thoroughly understands this. He respects the customs and traditions of other countries, so that their citizens may respect the customs and traditions of his own. In a country inhabited by people of different races and origins, as Pakistan is, a good citizen is particularly aware of the need to tolerate the views and customs of others.
Just as a true friend does not hesitate to point out the faults of his friends, a good citizen is not afraid of expressing his disagreement with those in authority, if he feels that their actions will harm the interests of the country. If his country is wrong in an international dispute, he does not hesitate to give his true opinion. But, in case .of war, he supports his own country, right or wrong.
A good citizen obeys the laws of his country. He obeys them not because he is afraid of being punished for breaking them, but because he feels that it is his duty to obey them.( He does not evade taxes, or cheat the Government in any other way. If he is not satisfied with any of the rules and regulations enforced by the Government, he fights against them, but he does so only by constitutional means. Not only does he himself refrain from crime and illegal practices, but he helps the authorities of any breach of the law, of which he may be aware.
He does not depend on other help on the other hand he is always ready to help those who are in need of help. He contributes generously to all the funds, which aim at promoting, the welfare of the people.
But most important of all is the moral character of a citizen. The national character of any country is, after all the sum total of the character of its citizens. If a country has honest and respectable citizens, it will surely command respect in foreign lands. Perhaps, the best way to develop the sense of responsibility and respectability among the citizen of a country is to .Jive them the highest possible education.

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