December 21, 2013

Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations

Essay : [Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations]

English Essay on "Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations"

Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations

Malaya gained her independence on the 31st of August, 1957 the 31st of August is, therefore, a day of great historical importance for us. It is a public holiday and I observed as national festival every year.

This year the Merdeka anniversary was celebrated with great pomp and pomp throughout Malaysia. In my home town, Government offices, school buildings, as well as private shops and houses were decorated with flags and buntings to honor the Merdeka day. Electric posts in some of the main streets were 'dressed' with multi colored cloths and hung with National and State flags. Large buildings were illuminated with 'streamers' of colored electric bulbs. On the morning of 31 51 August, the National and State flags could be seen flying on the top of almost every building in the town.

The main function of the day was held on the town Padang. Early in the morning, crowds of people of all races and from all walks of life rushed to the Padang to occupy suitable position to watch the ceremony due to be held there. Units of the army, police, St John's Ambulance brigade, and Red Cross society and a large number of schoolboys and schoolgirls representing the various schools in my town had assembled in the town before eight o'clock. At eight o'clock sharp the march-past started. The salute was-taken by ... As they marched past the saluting base, the members of the parade looked to their right and saluted smartly.( It was a grand show, indeed, and it brought tumultuous applause form the spectators. After the parade, there was a mass-drill display, first by schoolboys and then by schoolgirls. With this the function on the padang came to an end.

In the afternoon, many functions were held all over the town to mark the Merdeka day. Among these were singing and elocution contests and speeches put up by the leading citizens of the town. There were many sports meetings organized by school and clubs.

At night, there were cultural shows staged by different communities. These were held on the town Padang and attached large crowds. Various schools and some social organization like St. John's Ambulance Association and the Red Cross society put up concerts and dramatic performances at their respective promises.

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