December 08, 2013

A Morning Walk

Essay : [A Morning Walk]

English Essay on "A Morning Walk"

A Morning Walk

I have to get up very early to get ready for school therefore; I cannot go for a morning walk every day. I can do so on Sunday or other holidays.

Last Sunday, I left my house early in the morning. It was very dark still. I had' my favorite walking -stick in my hand and my pet dog. Zero, followed one. Only a few of the shops in the street where I live were open. Almost all of them were restaurants. There were not many customers in them, either. Clusters of swallows were roosting on the electric wires overhead not one of them did as much as move awing. This, scene of desolation presented a striking contrast with the ear rendering noise of the daytime when the, streets in my town are virtually littered with cars and overcrowded with people.

As we reached the suburbs of the town the scene of desolation grew even worse. The silence of the graveyard prevailed over the stately bungalows on either side of the road. The watch-dogs were, perhaps, the only living creatures awake. Some of them greeted Zero quite affectionately. This showed that Zero had been a frequently visitor to that part of the town.

As we approached the railway-line near our town I saw the morning train leaving the local station. I could have crossed the line before it had approached the spot where I stood, but I decided to wait and see it go past. I found it to be quite different from any train. I had ever seen.( I could not see a single passenger putting his head out of the window to admire the morning scene. There were no curious young people to be seen standing on the foot-boards, either. Most of the windows were shut but even those, which were open, revealed no sign of the life inside.

But, soon afterwards the road was crowded with people walking, or riding bicycles. Most of them were rubber tappers; mining laborers and farmers on their way to work others were carrying things to the local market to sell, or going there to buy things that they needed.

It was dawn when I reached the spot where I usually take my deep breathing exercises on Sundays. I stood facing the rising sun for a few seconds and admired its beauty. As it rose from behind a hill, it appeared like a red disc of fire. Before taking my exercise I walked over the grass wet with dew. It was very refreshing experience.

The sun was fairly high in the sky when I finished my breathing exercise when I felt for home. I could see scores of people out for walk. I knew what they had missed and pitied them for a moment. But then, I realized that they were far better than many others who were still sound asleep at home better late than never.

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