November 16, 2013

A Thunderstorm

Essay : [A Thunderstorm]

English Essay on "A Thunderstorm"

A Thunderstorm

I returned home late form school yesterday. It was a very hot afternoon. There were no clouds in the sky and the air was very calm. The sun was shining very brightly. As soon as I reached home, I put away my books and had a nice bath. After that I lay down for a short nap and was soon fast asleep.

After some time, I was awakened by a loud sound like the boom of cannon. Hardly had I opened my eyes, when I saw a flash of lighting, which illuminated my room. This was followed by a deafening crash of thunder. The sky outside was overcast with clouds.

I sat up in bed still surprised at this sudden change in the weather. Suddenly it began to rain cats and dogs. The air was no more still there was a strong wind blowing now. Lightning flashed and thunder roared from time to time. A tree outside our house was struck by lightning. Within a second, the trunk had been stripped of all its branches. Rain driven by strong wind lashed against the doors and windows of the house.( Everybody in the house was busy bolting them up. I was, however, so much absorbed in observing the scene that I forget to shut the doors and windows of my room. Half of the floor was under water, before I realized what happening. When I shut the doors and windows, it was very dark inside the room. I switched on the light only to find that there was no current. The storm had affected the electric supply, too. It was not restored until the following morning.

Most of the roads in the town were heavily flooded. Besides, the heavy rain, pouring down in the torrents, made visibility very poor, indeed. As a result, many motor vehicles were standard, bringing traffic to standstill.

The storm lasted an hour or so. When the rain had stopped and the wind had subsided, the weather became very pleasant again. That was, perhaps, the only good that the storm had done. Otherwise, it had caused widespread damage to property. The roofs of many houses had been blown away and floodwaters had entered many houses in the low-lying parts of the town rendering many people homeless for the night.


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