November 16, 2013


Essay : [Leadership]

English Essay on "Leadership"


A leader is a person who leads others who are called his followers. He should, therefore, have some sterling qualities by virtue of which he earns a position of superiority and for which his followers have implicit faith in his guidance. The exalted position which a person enjoys as leader of his followers is called leadership.

Wherever there are people with a common interest, they have got their leaders. Thus the students, the teachers, the mill workers, the postal or railway employees, the political parties, the litterateurs, the scientist- all have their leaders. In all the affairs concerning their common ends, they are rigidly united and follow their leaders as one for the fulfillment of what they desire to have. The leaders continue as such so long as they are sincere and thoroughly honest in their words and deeds and can rightly guide their followers. But if they are found wanting, they are discarded and their leadership is given to abler and worthier persons.

It may be pointed out in this connection that of all the different kinds of leadership, the political leadership is of the greatest concern to the common people, for it is the political leaders who deal with the vital problems of man’s life. Political leadership concerns itself with the realization life. Political leadership concerns itself with the realization of the political and economic rights of people in general. And political leaders alone are of great help to them in this respect.

Any and every person cannot be a leader. The leaders should possess outstanding qualities by which he may win the respect and unquestioned faith of his followers. And idea of the requistes of ideal leadership is given below

The leader should have a strong personality and be superior to his followers in the qualities of head and heart. He should, for instance, be superior to them in education. Intellect, thinking, courage and character.( He should earn so much of their confidence that his advice as to what to do and what not to do should be accepted as gospel truths by them.

His motive should be always fair, unbiased and clear. Whatever kind of leader he may be, he should have the welfare of his followers always at heart. He should have no personal considerations and should never utilize his followers, either directly or indirectly for the fulfillment of his personal ends.

A true leader must be noble and generous. He should be outspoken and honest and free from meanness and hypocrisy as an ideal nobleman is.

Leaders, like poets, are born but not made. No kind of education or training can make one a leader in the true sense of the term unless he is endowed with the qualities of leadership by God. Education or training or both can brighten the qualities in him but can never furnish him with them.

It is not, therefore, possible to become a leader as when one pleases. Leadership cannot be acquired. Its comes from within. Leaders are but a few, but followers are legion.

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