September 09, 2013

A Hockey Match

Essay : [A Hockey Match]

English Essay on "A Hockey Match"

A Hockey Match

A few days ago I witnessed a hockey match. It was the final match in the x-y-z. Hockey Tournament played on the knock out system. The venue was the Lahore Hockey Stadium.
The teams the Ravines and the Civilians were well balanced. As was natural, both had beaten a number of prominent sides before having the privilege of meeting each other to decide the winners and the runners-up.
At 5 p.m. sharp, the rival captains led their teams on to the field. While the other players warmed up, hitting, stopping, or dribbling the ball, on opposite sides of the field, the captains walked up to the two umpires in the centre of the field, for the toss. The outstation team lost the toss. The Ravines, therefore took the side of their own choice, for the first half of the match.
Right from the bully-off, the ball was controlled by the Ravines. Their forwards passed it to one another, foiling all attempts by the Civilians to retrieve it. The pace of attack grew hotter, and stiffness of defense become more intense, as the ball approached the striking -circle before the Civilians goal. At one stage, the center forward of the Ravines was about to hit the ball for what would have been a certain goal, when a fullback of the defenders took it out of his reach, and hit it so hard that it could not be stopped until it had reached one of his own forwards. This sent all the Ravines running to their own half of the field in order to stop the Civilians from scoring against them. From now on, much of the time until the breather, the ball remained in the Ravines half. They however put up stiff resistance and did not allow their rivals to test their goalkeeper even once.
After half time the Civilians made a lightning raid at the Ravines goal, and within a minute of the resumption, were leading by one goal to nil. This infuriated the Ravines, and they went all out to score the equalizer after a number of well planned moves, on their part, they were rewarded with a goal.( It was made by their outside right with such a powerful hit that the ball rattled the board and shook the goal-posts for quite a few seconds.
Only a quarter of an hour was now left for the match to end, unless over time had to be awarded. The game became very fast now both sides appearing to be determined to win. Two minutes from the time, the centre forward of the 'Civilians' dribbled the ball into the '0' of the home-side, and had only the Goalie to beat, when intentionally or accidentally, a defender knocked into him. For obstruction, a penalty corner was awarded against the Ravines. A full back of the Civilians, a giant of man, hit the ball so hard that hardly anybody saw it until it had hit the board with a thud.
With less than two minutes of play left there was little possibility of the Ravines equalizing the Score. Though they fought hard to the end, the final whistle gave the victory to the Civilians. Their supporters cheered them lustily, while the home crowd was rather disappointed. They felt as supporters of losers often do, that the better side had not won.

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