April 24, 2012



Points: Introduction - Its importance - Important shopping centres - Conclusion.

Karachi is a city of shopping centres. Hundreds of fashionable shopping centres have come up in different parts of the city. They present a delightful scene in the evening.

Life in Karachi is very fast. It is moving to-day with double pace. We have no time to look around. In a fast moving society the shopping centres are essential. Gone are the days when these were considered to be luxuries. There are so many pressures on our life that one earnestly aspires to see more of these ceritres in the vicinity of his residence. Today the house wife has to look after the house, educate her children, if necessary, go to the office and also to be up to the mark in her purchases. At such a time these shopping centres come to her rescue and she heaves a sigh of relief.

The most important and busy shopping centre of Karachi is Saddar. As it is centrally located so it caters the needs of the entire city. The Empress Market stands there. It is an important centre of perishable and non-perishable goods. Close to Saddar is Bohri Bazar. It is the busiest shopping centre of Karachi. A visit to Bohri Bazar is wonderful even if you do not have to buy anything. It is nice to walk aimlessly there. One would always find the Bohri Bazar crowded. Shops are beautifully decorated. Window display is exciting. It helps the buyers to make their choices.

There is a Co-operative Market and Panorama Centre and a host of similar centres at Tariq Road, Zaib-un-Nissa Street, Nazimabad, Bunder Road and other parts of the city. The special quality of these centres is that they include shops of everything. They have cloth shop, shoes, cosmetic, jewellery, bakeries, the gents ready-made garments of all sizes. The consumer will not return disappointed from there. These shopping centres provide place for parking the cars and scooters in a given space.

We are now healing the construction of many such shopping centres in our city of Karachi. They may appear to be luxurious projects but these are essential. They supply us all ourc6mrriodities at once place. This saves us from running from one shop to another; from one market to another market.

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