September 08, 2013

An Interview For A Job

Essay : [An Interview For A Job]

English Essay on "An Interview For A Job"

An Interview For A Job

Nowadays I am looking for a job. The other day I went for an interview with the Board of Governors of the…. School, here. It might interest the reader to know what passed at the interview.
I arrived at the school office nearly half an hour before the interview was scheduled to take place. But I was by no means the first candidate to arrive there. As a matter of fact I was the last of the lot. The office was still shut so we had a stroll on the school field in groups of two and three. Only a few of the candidates-those who were complete strangers or those who were too shy to mix with others-kept to themselves.
The school clerk arrived a few minutes later. He was followed by the principal of the school, who is Secretary to the Board of Governors. When the Chairman of the Board and all his colleagues on the Selection Committee had arrived, we were invited to be seated in the lounge attached to the principal's office.
Candidates were called in neither in order of their arrivals, nor in the alphabetical order of their names. I think the committee had already drawn up a merit list of the applicants. It is not certain whether they called those to be rejected first or those likely to be selected, but I was the last to be called in.( Some of the candidates appeared to be a bit ruffled and almost all of them were red in the face, as they emerged from the office.
When I entered the office, I felt as if all eyes were centered on me. I walked briskly up to the table at which the members were sitting, and greeted all of them. The Chairman pointed to chair and said, Take your seat. Mr. Ail. I thanked him and sat down.
The first few questions that I was asked appeared to be very simple. I think they were put to make me feel at home. They came, such questions as why I liked to become a teacher, and why felt that I should make a successful one. When in answer to a question I said that Mathematics was my favorite Subject, a member said, Which is larger, a four inch square or a circle with diameter four inches long” I was able to give the correct answer.
Can you speak the National Language Enquired another member Yes. I replied Malay was one of my subjects at the School Certificate Examination. And I was able to score a distinction in it. Then he asked me a few questions in Malay.
The principal told me that if I was selected, I should be expected to sever the school for one whole session at least. I assured him that I would not leave before the end of the year. At this the Chairman said, Well, Mr. Ail, we will let you know in due course whether you have been selected or not. Thank you for coming. The interview was over. I stood up and thanked him before leaving the room.
I am keeping my fingers crossed, expecting daily a letter from the School, flattering myself that it will bring good news. But who can be certain in such matters

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