October 27, 2013

Lost In A Crowd

Essay : [Lost In A Crowd]

English Essay on "Lost In A Crowd"

Lost In A Crowd

One day during the December holidays this year I went to stadium Quaddfi to watch a football match between a foreign team and Pakistani side. My youngest brother accompanied me. Ali who is only six years old.

As we approached the stadium, my brother felt overawed by the vast crowd that had already assembled there. He found it difficult to keep pace with me, and I had to carry him up to the entrance. Near the entrance, I put Ali down and told him to wait there for me until I returned to take him along. He was rather sulky about it so I gave a twenty rupees piece in his hand, and saying, there a good boy! I rushed to the booking -window.

When, having bought the tickets, I returned to the spot where I had left Ali, I was astounded to find him missing. I repeatedly called him by name, and carefully searched the crowd for him, but in vain.

I was so much confused by the disappearance of my brother, that, for a few minutes at least. I did not know where I was and what to do about finding him back.4essay.blogspot.com It was not before I was stopped by a policeman, with the kind words. May I help you that I realized that I was not alone in that crowd.

When I told him what had happened, he took me to his commanding officer, an Inspector,1 was asked the description of my brother's appearance and dress, and, immediately, all the policemen on duty outside the Stadium were alerted for him.

After the crowd outside the Stadium had been combed for Ali, some of the policemen suggested that the boy might have returned home on his own. Only two of them were positively of the view that a search inside the Stadium would be fruitful. The Inspector agreed to try the latter course.

The match was now in full swing. Some policemen and I rushed through the rows of astonis.hed spectators, but we could not meet the boy anywhere. I then requested the Inspector to approach the authorities concerned to stop the match for an announcement concerning Ali loss to be made over the public address system. He was explaining to me why he was hesitant to make such a request. When one of the foreign' players fractured a leg and was carried off the field. The match was naturally stopped for some time, and spectators were given a description of my brother and requested to look for him. Hardly had the announcement ended when from a corner of the stadium came, the cries, 'Here is the boy! Here is the boy!

When we reached Ali we found him sitting unconcernedly sucking at a large lowly-pop that must have cost the twenty rupees that I had given him. He told me that after buying the lowly-pop he had followed me, as he had thought, and somebody at the turnstile had let him in.

The match was now going to be resumed. I thanked the inspector and his party for their help' and pulled out the tickets from my pocket to see where our seats were. I was surprised to find that Ali had been sitting just where he would have sat if he had entered the Stadium with me he was occupying one of our own seats.

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