October 27, 2013

A Street Fire

Essay : [A Street Fire]

English Essay on "A Street Fire"

A Street Fire

Last night I went to bed earlier than usual. I had not slept long, when I was awakened by loud cries of Fire from the street below. Along with these cries, I heard the footsteps of the people rushing past my house. I dressed hastily and joined the crowd, which was fast increasing in size.

On reaching the ill-fated house, I found-the whole of its ground floor was on fire. A whole family on the first floor had been cut off by the fire and was in danger of being burnt to death. They were crying for help, but who could help them People were running here and there, bringing water to put out the fire, or so removing whatever they could from the burning house. But all of them were so confused by the calamity that they had, forgotten to ring up the fire brigade or the police.4essay.blogspot.com When I discovered this I ran to the nearest house, which had a telephone, and rang them up.

A few minutes later, a posse of policemen arrived. They cordoned off the goods that had been saved from the burning house In order to protect them from thieves. A fire engine arrived soon afterwards. The firemen jumped out at once. Some of them set, against a wall, a long ladder which reached up to the first floor of the house. Climbing up the ladder, the firemen entered the house in order to rescue the' inmates stranded within. Other connected a long and large hose to the side of the street, and began to throw a heavy jet of upon spot where the fire was burning most furiously.

A few minutes late, we saw the inmates of the first floor being helped down the ladder. Then the firemen went into the first floor again and brought out as many valuable things from it as they could. Meanwhile the fire had been brought under control but it was too late. For soon afterwards, the first floor crashed down with a terrible noise and this sent up a cloud of dust and smoke into the sky. One could see only a heap of smoldering debris where, a few minutes earlier, had stood a majestic building. Luckily for the occupants of the first floor, the firemen had arrived in time to save them.

Police are investigating the cause of the fire it is still a mystery.

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