November 16, 2013

A Train Accident

Essay : [A Train Accident]

English Essay on "A Train Accident"

A Train Accident

In Pakistan it is very seldom that a really serious train accident occurs. The normal running of various trains is sometimes affected by landslides or floods in streams over which they have to pass. There are not many railways-lines, and the traffic is by no means heavy on few lines that we have. We do not, therefore, often hear of a train accident having taken place in Pakistan. Here is however, the story of one train accident that I witnessed.

My town is on the main railway-line form Lahore to Karachi. It has a railway-station, where all-important trains have to stop. One day I walked to the railway station to watch the arrival of the mail train. When I reached there, I saw a stationary goods train on a side-line. Apparently it had stopped there to left the faster mail trains go past.

A few minutes later, the mail train was seen approaching his platform. All people on the platform were eagerly watching it. But to everybody's horror, the train turned on to the side-line instead of continuing along the main line beside the main platform. Clearly the signalman had made some mistake after diverting the goods train along the sideline; he had forgotten to re-adjust the lines for the mail train.

The engine of the mail train crashed into the rear most wagon of the goods train. This wagon and the next three wagons were completely smashed. The engine of the mail train was badly damaged, derailed, and overturned. Three carriages immediately behind it were smashed into splinters. Many passengers in them were crushed to death.( Some jumped out of the running train to escape death but in vain. They landed on the hard platform and were killed instantly. Hundred of passengers in the other compartments were badly shaken or injured many fainted out of fear.

There was noise and confusion everywhere. The driver of the mail train had sent up a loud whistle as he had found himself heading for the wrong platform. Now the engine lay on its side, but the whistle had not stopped. The fate of the driver or of his assistants was still unknown,

Doctors and nurses from the local General Hospital as well as those in private practice rushed to the scene of tragedy to give first-aid to the injured. They were assisted by the members of Edhi Ambulance Brigade, and the Red Cross society. Ambulance car began to transport the badly wounded among the passengers to the hospital. Local units of the fire-brigade also arrived in full force to render whatever help was required of them. All policemen and police officers in the town -even those officially off-duty-were called in to look after the property of the wounded and the dead, and to maintain law and order.

Later on, carne lifted the engine, which had been overturned. Unfortunately, nobody trapped in it was alive.

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