January 10, 2013



Points: Introduction – The spot of occurrence – Pathetic scene – How the accident took place – Conclusion.

It was a fine afternoon. People were in a cheerful mood all around, There were songs, laughter and mirthful noises on all sides.

I was proceeding to Saddar in my scooter. My younger brother was with me. When we were near Numiash we heard the noise of a collision between two cars. Instantaneously there was a scream of the people around. They rushed to the spot of occurrence and encircled the two cars. They were in an agitated mood and were about to attack the two drivers. Angry words, sharp comments and even filthy, abuses were hurled at them. They would have been killed outright if the police had not come up and saved them.

When both the cars moved a bit backward a most pathetic scene came to our sight. A woman in rags were found lying unconscious with wounds and blood all over her body. By her side was a mass of flesh. When interrogated by the police, one of the drivers related as follows.4essay.blogspot.com

The woman with her baby in arms was crossing the road. The number of swiftly passing vehicles on her right and left was too large. So she felt nervous and was about to run: At this time, both the cars came from opposite directions and she fell in between the two. In order to save her, they pressed their brakes, but in vain. There was a head on collision between the two cars. So she, with her body fell on the ground. She got serious wounds all over her body and the baby was reduced to a mass.4essay.blogspot.com

The woman was immediately removed to the hospital for treatment. It is not known whether she survived the shock.

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