February 15, 2013

Life of a Nurse

Essay on Life of a Nurse

Points: Introduction – Her numerous duties – Helps the surgeon in the operation theatre – Surrounding atmosphere – Conclusion.

A nurse is a very useful member of the society. She does not lead an easy-life. It is hard and often tiresome.

A nurse has to attend the hospital from early morning While on duty, she wears white apron. She has to perform numerous duties. She records the temperature of the different patients in their respective charts. Then she prepares medicines and administers them to different patients. She also gives injections to some patients. When the doctor comes for the usual round in the ward she has to accompany him. She supplies necessary information about each patient to the doctor and carries out his order. She always remains, busy in one way or the other.4essay.blogspot.com

She has to help the surgeon in operation theatre. This is a duty of great responsibility. At this lime she must be very active and careful. At every moment she has to look to the needs of the surgeon. A slight mistake on her part brings the surgeon’s wrath upon her.

The atmosphere in which she works is neither pleasing nor encouraging. She hears the cries of the sick and wounded. She sees patients dying. While their relatives weep bitterly. All these make her sad. But gradually she gets used to them. But if she has the true spirit of a nurse, she finds her life interesting. She gives comfort to the patients. She feels happy when a patient is cured. Out of respect she is addressed as “Sister” by all. Infect, she is the “Sister of Mercy”. Compared to her services, her salary is poor.4essay.blogspot.com

Nursing is a noble profession. Even in the days of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) we hear the name of Hazrat Ghifaria who was a very good nurse. She also accompanied the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) in the Battle of Khyber. We hear of another name Hazrat Rafaida, who was also a very competent nurse. In the modern times the name of Florence Nightangle stands very prominent as a nurse. But it pity that in our society a, nurse is looked down upon.

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