September 05, 2013

Generosity Punished

Essay : [Generosity Punished]

English Essay on "Generosity Punished"

Generosity Punished

A boy living in our street came to see me on evening, last month. He wanted to borrow a pair of compasses as he had to take an important examination the following day. He had misplaced his own set of mathematical instruments. It was then too late to buy a new one. Indeed, he said he did not need the instruments after that examination as he had already left school.
I knew very well that the following day I was going to have a two period lesson in mathematics. I knew, too, that we were doing some 'construction' exercises those days. These exercises involved the use of almost all the instruments I the box, but the compasses were a must in their solution. However, he spoke so persuasively that I lent him not only the compasses but also the whole set including the pencils, sharpeners and erasers.
I felt very proud of my sense of generosity when Ali the boy's name-thanked me for being helpful. I had been useful to another human being in the time of need.
I had thought it would be very easy for me to borrow a mathematical set form one schoolmate or another for my own mathematics lesson. But I was not to succeed in this.
I got up rather late that day and by the time I reached school the second bell had gone. I could not meet anybody likely to lend me his instruments before the lessons began. In the first period we had an English lesson. That teacher concerned being our own form-master I could not muster enough courage to ask him for permission to go out, particularly, because I had come late. I sat through the period paying only scanty attention to what Mr. Raza said about the agreement of the verb with the subject. I whispered, one after another, to all my neighbors, inquiring if they could spare any mathematical instruments. None of them showed any willingness to help.
The next period was the headmaster's. Hardly had the English period come to an end when he stalked in. I did go up to him for permission to leave the classroom but he was not satisfied with my reasons for doing so. Of course the true one was not among them. I was told to return to my seat and wait until recess.
As soon as the headmaster's period was over I dashed out of the classroom without the formality of seeking anybody's permission. I made frantic efforts to borrow as set, but in vain, some of those I approached had not brought along their sets as they had no mathematical lessons that day. Some others needed the instruments at the same time as I. The rest were simply unwilling to lend theirs to me. All my friends who would certainly have helped me are in 'floating, classes and I knew .no way of finding out where they were then.
In short, I returned to my classroom fifteen minutes after the lesson had started, without the much-needed set of mathematical instruments.. The teacher had already made inquiries as to where I was and promptly accosted me as I came back. ( I told him that I had gone to borrow a set of mathematical instruments as I had lent mine to a friend.
Our mathematics Master is a strict disciplinarian. He would not let such an occasion pass without teaching a lesson to the offender. He scolded me soundly an instruments box and returned with it to school at 4.00p.m. He had some work to do in the staff room and I should give him company there, as the put it and do the exercised I had missed doing.
In the afternoon, when I had done my work, he gave me a long 'sermon' on the necessity of considering one's own needs before offering to help others. Some other teachers sitting there supported him and laughed at my cost. When they finally told me to go home he said, Don't lend to others what you need yourself',

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