December 21, 2013

The Annual Sports Of Our School

Essay : [The Annual Sports Of Our School]

English Essay on "The Annual Sports Of Our School"

The Annual Sports Of Our School

The 50th annual sports of our school were held on the 7thof April, last year. The school had been divided into several 'Houses', which competed for the championship. Every house had a teacher in charge of it, and he was assisted by a number of other teachers, in coaching and training the competitor in the various events. The house-captains and other office-bearers also had been chosen in advance. The organizers had done their best to inculcate a keen spirit of competition among the members of the various Houses.

The District Officer Abduallah had consented to be present to inaugurate the sports and to give away the prizes at the end of the meet. When he arrived at 2 p.m. sharp, he was received by the Chairman of the board of Governors of our school. Our headmaster and his sports secretary he was profusely garlanded and introduced to some distinguished guests before being led to the dais. The boys and girls competing in the sports marched past the District Officer, who took the salute. At the end of the march past, the competitors assembled in front of the dais and one of them read out the oath of sportsmanship.

The District officer then gave a short speech in which he dwelt on the value of sports in schools. He exhorted the organizers of schools everywhere to provide more and more facilities for sports in their institutions. His advice to teachers was to see that their pupils did not only read up their books but also took part in sports and games. In the end he declared the meet open.

Then the students of our school, all dressed in school uniform, gave a mass-drill display. The event thrilled the spectators again and again and drew continual applause from them.

Almost all events of the afternoon were keenly contested. But the most interesting and thrilling of them were putting the Shot. Hope step & Jump. 400 meters race and the inter school relay. Among the events, which had been organized especially for the amusement of the spectators, were the Sack Races.( Egg-and-Spoon Race, Skipping Race, Three-legged Race, and the Tug-of-War between the members of the school staff and the officials of the meet the official won. The Red House won the Inter-House championship with 88 points. The Green House was placed second, with 67 points. By finishing first in high jump, long jump and 400 meters Race, my friend, Zain, was declared the champion Athlete among the boys. Miss Mehar became the champion Athlete the girls.

The weather was cloudy, but it did not rain at all, creating the best possible conditions for sports in this country. All events were run on time and the prizes were given away at 6 a.m. sharp.

Before calling upon the District Officer to give away the prizes, the headmaster, in a short speech, thanked him for his presence the judges and the umpires for their work on the field the donors for their contributions in cash and kind for the meet the members of the school staff for their co-operation with one another and with him and all others who had directly or indirectly contributed towards the success of the' meet. At the end of the prize-distribution, three cheers were called for Abdullah, and with that the meet came to an end.

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