July 31, 2012



Introduction – College life is interesting and full of joys – Activities in college – Conclusion.

The College is an institution for higher education. Education from after the secondary stage upto the degree stage. It is a place where the students are offered subjects according to their choice and where they are offered opportunities for preparing themselves for the struggles of life ahead.

The college life offers a free life to the students. It is interesting and joyous. The college life, has rightly been called the golden-period of one's life. The students are concerned with eating, playing and studying, College is a proper place to get proper education and training. It helps us to be a perfect man. It also helps us to grow our own personality. It teaches us discipline, manners and etiquette. College life is quite different from the school life. Here one is freer. The relation between the teacher and taught is more cordial. One is free here to express his ideas. We learn in the college the social value of life and spirit of self-help. College life inspite of all its cares and burdens, remains incomparable as a whole.

The main function of the college is to prepare its students to be true citizens of the country. So it is equally. They know that anything and everything will not be public attentive to their academic and extra-academic life. It aims at imparting them good education and, at the same time, developing their mind and body.

The method of teaching in the college is different from that in the school. Here teachers are distinguished scholars who have full grasp of the subjects they teach. They are not only the teachers of the students. They are also their friends they mix with the students, play with the students and participate with them in their extra-academic activities. The students find here a homely atmosphere which they lack in the school.

For the development of the mind of the students, there are arrangements for publishing a magazine at least once a year. There are also provisions for debates, literary competitions, annual dramatic performances, social gatherings, variety shows, educational excursions etc. All these help in bringing out the talents of the students. They can thus realize in what sphere of life they are likely to shine in future.

As an incentive to acquiring knowledge and information in addition to what the students have from their texts, there is the library where there is a good collection of books on different subjects. The students may utilize the library by reading in its Reading Room or taking books to read them at home.

The college is a place for cultivating friendship and exchanging views which add to their knowledge. The students come to college from schools with different views But here these are smoothed in association with the students of different tastes and ways of thinking.

A college gives the student a passport to the world at large. As a graduate, he earns a cultural distinction, a professional competence and a social prestige. Our college life will pass like a pleasant dream. But I will always remember those happy moments, pleasures and activities of college life.

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