September 30, 2013

Life in Cities Problem in Cities

Essay : [Life in Cities Problem in Cities]

English Essay on "Life in Cities Problem in Cities"

Life in Cities Problem in Cities

Cities are organised places with proper facilities to cater for the needs of huge populations. Metropolitans (the mother-city) or cosmopolitans (a city with people from many nations of the world) are the symbol of economical power and development of any notion. All around the world, cities have been the administrative, academic, commercial and social centers in any nation.

In the modern world, cities are considered to be places with variety of great learning opportunities. However, it must be understood that the structure and the life pattern of oil cities is not the same. Some cities are famous seaports, other are administrative, trade and industrial centers and, yet others are great pools of population gathering around some prosperous communities.

People in cities enjoy the blessing of variety of food supply, education, health etc, although these necessities of life should be similar in all in all parts of any country, but in fact, the cities in developing countries are the only places where somebody can expect the availability of all vital services or This fact never allows the city dwellers to adopt the rural life, or the rural population to remain contended in their habitat the rural population sees the charm of great recreational facilities too, as the huge population of cities attracts the investment in such facilities; including restaurants theatres, amusement or theme parks and museums.

On the contrary, people living in big cities, also face severe problems, especially in the developing or third world notions When the poor economic conditions in the rural areas force massive migration to the big city, it results in insufficient civic facilities like housing, water; electricity,, sewage, and fuelgas etc. No matter how effective planning for providing pure water electricity etc is done to accommodate the city-dwellers, they cannot enjoy the proper supply of these essentials with unrestricted migration and expansion in cities in the developed world.

The problems are more acute in the poor countries, where the city planners are unable to manage the scarce resources. The overpopulation results in shortage of earning opportunities which raises the unemployment and poverty rate. These environmental and economical pains bring about social evils, which become the cause of violence, law and order, and higher crime rate. Therefore the cities with improper city planning, poor infrastructure and worsening economical and environmental conditions are just the centers of anguish and pain for their inhabitants.

To sum it up the life in a big city is not that pleasant for the city dwellers, if their city planners are helpless in controlling in the sprawling shanty and slum areas with little or no civic planning. The development in the city should be planned, while keeping in view the proper supply of water, electricity, housing, sewage, and transport facilities to its inhabitants. Besides, here must be continuous economical development, which could give plenty of earning opportunities for the people.

Then the life in a big city will be able to ensure a minimum crime rate and economical and social benefits for the city dwellers.

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