September 01, 2013

Compulsory Military Training

Essay : [Compulsory Military Training]

English Essay on "Compulsory Military Training"

Compulsory Military Training

It is natural to defend oneself against an aggressor. The faculty of defense is not limited to the human beings. The animals are also gifted by nature as to defend themselves in the hour of need. Even the small creatures like ants, wasps, scorpions, honey-bees etc. have their power to bite or to sting when they face an enemy. Horse carries death in his hind legs, lion in his paw, the buffalo in its horns, the snake or dog in its bite and the elephant to its trunk.
According to this law of nature man is also expected to defend himself against the enemy. Man can use his natural means of defense in hand to hand fight but he uses his intelligence and power of foresight in this respect. With the changing circumstances he has to change his strategy and weapons of war. 80'l-ls and arrows of olden days have become ineffective in these times of atom and sputnik. To adjust with the new environments a nation has to train her army in warfare. It is true that defense of the borders is the only function of an army but in the emergency the civil population is also expected to contribute to the defense of the country. For this purpose we have Civil Defense Training Scheme, A.R.P Training Courses and other such institutions.
In the modern times the technique of war has entirely changed and it is the civil population which is seriously affected by bombing and other atrocities. It is, therefore, imminent that military training should be compulsory for all. During the days of war military force can perform its function very well if the people are disciplined and in a position to maintain their morale. This can be successfully done by having compulsory military training.
In Pakistan this training is of utmost importance. We have friendly relations with almost all our neighboring countries except India. Due to certain aggressive designs India is creating problems for us. She is not prepared to settle our disputes either by peaceful means or through negotiation.( The biggest dispute between Pakistan and India is the Kashmir issue. In spite of the resolutions of U.N.O. and inspite of her commitments India is not prepared to let the Kashmir’s exercise their fundamental human right of self-determination.
Take another example. There was some border dispute between these two countries at the Rann of Katch. Pakistan was ready to settle this dispute by peaceful means, negotiations or arbitration. Instead of taking a reasonable attitude the Indian Prime Minister declared that the Indian army would like to combat Pakistan at the borders of her own choice. With this India amassed her entire striking power along borders of Pakistan.
In these circumstances it is very essential for every able-bodied Pakistani, whatsoever his age or religion may be, to undergo the desirable type of military training. This will enable the Pakistanis to discipline themselves and to face the danger heroically. Every Pakistani is inspired with the noble ideas of patriotism and is ready to sacrifice his all for the sake of his mother-land. But this ideal must have a practical course. The realistic approach is to have the much-needed military training to ensure a great victory.

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