December 08, 2013

A Road Accident

Essay : [A Road Accident]

English Essay on "A Road Accident"

A Road Accident

A few days ago, a very serious accident on the road in front of our school It was recess time and most of us had gathered, in small groups, under the trees beside the road. We saw two large cars approaching us from opposite directions. When the cars were within ten yards of each other both of them left their respective sides of the road and headed towards each other. There was a head-an-collision. The impact was so heavy that it attracted the attention of almost all people in the neighborhood. In a few minutes, there was a lager crowd surrounding the two cars, both of which had been overturned. Their engines had been completely wrecked and the drivers and the passengers in the front seats had been killed. Those sitting behind had been seriously hurt and shocked. Luckily, neither of the vehicles had caught fire.

I ran straight to the school, office and rang for the police and the ambulance. Meanwhile the members of Ehdi Ambulance Brigade from our school had reached the spot. With the help of some onlookers, they lifted the cars and helped the passengers still alive to get out. Most of them were unconscious and others were groaning with pain, They also gave them whatever medical aid they could.

A few minutes later, an ambulance and a police van arrived at the scene. The policemen took some measurements of the road. They took no statements as both the drivers had died and the survivors among the passengers were unconscious. The attendants and nurses in the ambulance, party had great difficulty in extracting the bodies of those dead inside the smashed cars.( Many of the helpers could not bear' the sight of the grisly task they had to do some even fainted. While the dead bodies were being pulled out, the wounded passengers were removed to hospital for treatment.

The road where the accident had taken place presented a horrible sight. There were puddles of blood all over the place. Scattered here and there were pieces of flesh torn from the dead bodies.

The wrecked vehicles were removed to the traffic office. They are still lying there, as a grim reminder of What may happen when people get careless on the road.

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