September 09, 2013

A Foot Ball Match

Essay : [A Foot Ball Match]

English Essay on "A Foot Ball Match"

A Foot Ball Match

The Civilians and the Ravines are the two most outstanding football clubs in our city. Each has a large following among the local football fans, and whenever these old rivals meet in a match. It is certain to be heavily attended. Last year these two teams met in the final match of the knockout tournament organized by the Pakistan Football Association.
A crowd of over 10,000 spectators had assembled to witness the match. The teams having been introduced to the Chairman of the Pakistan Football Association, the players took up their respective positions. The play began with the kick-off taken by the captain of the champions. The Civilians appeared to be a bit nervous at the start. The Ravines raided their goal again and again during the first ten minutes of the match. They could have scored at least three times but for the sheer courage and accurate anticipation displayed by the goalkeeper of the Civilians. The Ravines did their best to score a goal, but every time they took a shot it landed into the open hands of the goalkeeper. The supporters of the Ravines were beside themselves with joy when they saw their favorite side certain of scoring, but gasped in despair when an apparently easy chance to score a goal was missed. The supporters of the Civilians on the other hand, shouted with relief when the ball went out of the play.
The Civilians champions found their feet in the 11th minute of the match and as soon as they had done so, they forced the play into their opponents half. They narrowly missed scoring from two successive kicks by their centre forward. Once the ball hit the bar and bounced back into play the next time, it went wide of the goal.( The Ravines strengthened their defense as much as they could. The Champions however were determined to score and in the 19th minute of the match their right-winger sent the ball past the Ravines' goalkeeper and into the net.
After this the Ravines made attempts to equalize, but luck did not appear to favor them. Within half an hour of the start both sides appeared to have gained their second wind and began to play more calmly than before. The ball was kept moving from end to end of the field. The players resorted to a display of ball control dribbling passing and once in awhile kicking both sides were equally clever at such feats and the spectators were delighted to witness their mastery and skill in action.
When the teams left the field for the half time interval the score still stood at 1-0 in favor of the Champions.
On resumption, the Ravines made a determined bid to score and kept the ball in the opposite half till they had made a goal. Their left-winger converted a throw in into as beautiful pass to the centre forward, who kicked it so forcefully that it left the goalkeeper standing. It was a wonderful goal. This stung the Civilians into action once more, but after a few fruitless attempts, they calmed down again.
Both sides were now playing cautiously. Though each team was anxious to win, it did not, at the same time, wasn't to take any risks. About ten minutes form the end, however, the civilians made another raid. They took possession of the ball and with beautiful passes and well placed, kicks, they took it right in front of their opponent's goal. Despite every effort of the goalkeeper and the full backs of the Ravines to stop the ball, it went into the net. The Ravines fought back valiantly but they could not equalize. The final whistle went before they could organize any real move to beat their rivals. Thus the match ended in a 2-1 victory in favor of the Invincible Civilians.
In the last few minutes of the match, the players resorted to some foul play and the referee had to order a few players off the field. There were a few fights among the spectators too. Otherwise, the match was very interesting and thrilling, indeed.

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