September 08, 2013

How A Thief Was Caught

Essay : [How A Thief Was Caught]

English Essay on "How A Thief Was Caught"

How A Thief Was Caught

Our neighbor shouted, Thief at about 2.00a.m. Last night from my bedroom across the road dividing our houses I saw a man running out of his house. The man was wearing a black shirt and a black pair of trousers. In a few seconds he reached the gate, which he himself must have opened to enter the house, and ran out through it. Then he began to run along the street, as fast as his legs could carry him. The noise made by our neighbor and the footsteps of the burglar roused the entire neighborhood from sleep. Lights went on in every house. The people came out of their houses and stood in their compounds to make certain where the thief was.
Meanwhile I dressed hastily. Leaving my parents to look after the house, I armed myself with a hockey stick and went to our neighbor’s help. By the time I reached there, a few others had also turned. up. We began to run in the direction in which the thief had escaped. As we ran along we went on warming the people in the housing estate to look out for the thief.
We ran up to the end of the street, where it entered another street. We left two of the party at the junction, and the rest were divided into two parties. One of the parties now ran in one direction and the other ran in the opposite one.( The people living in the street told us that they had been awake ever since the first cry for help had been heard and that the thief had not been seen anywhere there. We took the hint that the thief was still in our own street. We returned to the junction where the other party was waiting for us. They too had been told that the thief had not seen anywhere in that street.
Leaving the two guards at the end of the street, we returned to the starting point of our chase. On the way we warned everybody that the thief was still in our street. The lights went on again, some for the first time. People searched their garages and gardens for him. Even the sewerage drain running along the street was searched by means of torch-light. There was nobody found hiding there. A few of us felt that the thief might be hiding in a tree but much heed was not paid to suggestion that the trees in the street should be searched.
No sooner did we reach our starting point than someone near the end of the road shouted, Here he is! Thief! We ran back to get hold of him if we could. When we reached our guards at the end of the street, they confirmed that they had heard the footsteps of somebody running towards them but that nobody had been seen approaching them. The thief was still there in our street.
We began to search each and every tree beginning with the tree from which the thief had been seen climbing down. We used torch-lights to do this. A large crowd had meanwhile gathered to watch the search being made.
We called the burglar again and again to give him up but he paid no heed to our calls. Ultimately we were able to trace him out crouching quietly in the braches of large tree in front of the third house from where our 'guards' had been waiting for him. He was told to come down. Having no chance of escaping now, he came down and surrendered himself.
Some of us wanted to teach him a lesson before turning him over the police, but I pleaded with them not to take the law into their hands. There were so many who wanted to beat him up that my strongest arguments would have failed to keep them back-luckily for the thief. Somebody had telephoned the police as soon as he had been seen by our neighbor. A police party arrived while we were still arguing and they took him away. It was nearly three o'clock when everybody returned to his bed. But I am not sure if anybody in our neighborhood could sleep for the rest of the night.

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