October 27, 2013

How A School Magazine Was Brought Out

Essay : [How A School Magazine Was Brought Out]

English Essay on "How A School Magazine Was Brought Out"

How A School Magazine Was Brought Out

My appointment as editor of the 'Jang' the magazine of the Pride High School was announced in the last week of the, January 2005. A few days later, the teacher-in-charge handed me a' number' of files a large set of blocks, and a few thing 'having to do' with the magazine. I was advised to go carefully through the files and some previous issue of the 'Jang'. The information thus gained would help me in planning the next issue.

The first awkward thing that I discovered was that the money likely to be collected from the pupils by way of 'Magazine Fee' was less than half the expected cost of bringing out the magazine, the previous year, and the editorial board had incurred a net loss of Rs. 15000. I firmly told that there was to be no loss during my term of office.

Some saving could be effected at the cost of the quality of the magazine. We could use cheaper paper, reduce the number of pages or photographs to be printed, and cut out blank spaces altogether. Alternatively the pupils could be asked to pay more for their copies of the magazine.4essay.blogspot.com All these measures were, however, ruled out by the headmaster.

The only source of raising more money was then the advertisements. But neither the teacher-in-charge not the headmaster would agree to the spaces for, or the number of advertisement to be 100%. But we could not get away with this increase in prices. When we approached the prospective advertisers, they objected, one and all to the new prices as being unfair. Many past advertisers refused to buy any space, thus ending their long association with our magazine. We were, however, able to sell all the spaces, and to raise the funds required.

By the end of March, I had started going round the classes, calling upon my schoolmates to contribute articles, to be included in the next issue of the 'Jang'. My colleagues on the editorial board too, appealed to their classmates to write 'some articles during the summer holidays. But our appeals met with very poor response by the end of the second term there were hardly a dozen articles and reports in my file some of them positively worthless, 'so during the last week of the term, it was decided to resort to a bit of personal diplomacy. I individually approached the various known writers in the school and appealed to them to write something for the magazine during the summer holidays.

To my great surprise, I was flooded with articles as soon as the school re-opened for the third term. Some of the articles, though among the best of the lot, had come from those students whom I had not approached for any. I chose only the best ones for inclusion in the magazine. In doing so, I displeased some of those who had submitted articles in response to my personal requests. It was difficult to convince them that their writing was not necessarily the best.

Even when enough articles had been collected our work was not over. These articles had to be typed out before they were passed on to the printers. Then proof-reading of the printed matter had to, be done all by us. We were able to publish the magazine only in the last week of the third term.

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