February 07, 2013

Pakistan Indian Relations

Pakistan Indian Relations

Pakistan and India with Bangladesh share a history of Hindu. Muslim and English rule of hundreds of years. After Pakistan and India became independent in 1947, it was expected that the two countries would live in peace and progress economically, scientifically and culturally to each other's benefit. But, unfortunately, the Indian leadership conspired with the Maharaja of Kashmir who, against the wishes of the Kashmiris, joined India. The Kashmiris rose in arms against this decision, and as they were actively helped by Pakistan militarily, the struggle turned into a freedom war India was forced to take the Kashmir issue to the UN which decided in favor of the Kashmiris for a direct voting.4essay.blogspot.com

The second war took place in 1965 when the Kashmiri, freedom fighters started an armed struggle against the Indian forces in Kashmir. India could not face the force of the struggle in Kashmir, and so attacked Pakistan which was helping the Kashmiris. After three weeks of fierce fighting, the problem of Kashmir remained unresolved.4essay.blogspot.com

In addition to stepping up its anti Kashmir activities in the West, India started interfering in the internal politics of East Pakistan. If provided aid and arms to the East Pakistan leaders which resulted in separation of East Pakistan.4essay.blogspot.com

Pakistan tried her best to settle the Kashmir problem with India through direct discussions according to the United Nations resolutions, but India continued to declare that Kashmir was her internal problem and that Kashmir was its integral part. Through travel and trade between the two countries were restored after the Simla Agreement, relations between them could never be termed friendly. Rising military expenditures continued to strain the budgets of the two countries and their economic condition.4essay.blogspot.com

Three major developments in India and Kashmir were to further worsen their relations. Firstly, India developed an atomic device and exploded it in Rajasthan in 1974. This proved that she was an atomic power and could be a great threat to Pakistan. On the other hand; Pakistan's nuclear programme remained peaceful and constructive.

Secondly, the brave Kashmiri freedom fighters organized and started a highly powerful armed struggle against India in 1989, The Indian forces killed thousands of Kashmiris, destroyed their properties and forced many to lake refuge in Azad Kashmir. Pakistan protested strongly against all this cruelty, but India wrongly blamed her for helping the Kashmiris.

Thirdly, the Indian government intentionally did not check the narrow minded Hindus from puling down the historic Babari Mosque in Ayodhiya in 1992. Thousands of Muslims were killed in India and many mosques pulled down. So were many temples demolished in Pakistan.

To improve Pak - India relations, both the countries should take certain steps: First, settle the Kashmir problem to the satisfaction of the Kashmiri people Second, stop the mad arm race between the two countries. Third, establish healthy trade and cultural links between the two countries. It is in the interest of the people of the two countries to live in friendship and peace. The present situation demands a quick rather urgent end to the most painful and dangerous disputes between the two countries. Soon after the settlement of these disputes, especially the Kashmir dispute, they can sign a non-war pact. Which will bring peace and happiness to both the countries.

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