September 11, 2013

My Favourite Friend

Essay : [My Favourite Friend]

English Essay on "My Favourite Friend"

My Favourite Friend

Rahim is my friend. He is classmate of mine, and we sit beside each other in class. We live in the same town and our houses are situated in one and the street. Thus we have known each other from our earliest childhood.
He is polite, sympathetic, and honest and has a good word for everybody. He has an impressive personality, and is very handsome looking at him. You might remark, Here is a prince among men!
Throughout, he has been the best student in our class. Rahim is not only a very intelligent young man, but also a very industrious one. Consequently, he is doubly blessed possessing wit as well as the will to use it.
Rahim is ahead of us all in the classroom, and his performance on the playground is in no way less worthy of praise. In his case, sports and studies go hand in hand.( He was captained the school football eleven for the last three years in succession and recently he was appointed captain of our badminton team. He is first class athlete and is bound to make as a spinner and high jumper.
He is very helpful to all of us, his friends and classmates, and , recently, when some complained that they were lagging behind in their lesson he volunteered to help them. He coached them free of charge.
Once our principal spoke of him as a boy whose example every one of us should follow. Teachers and students all love him.
But the greatest reason why I love Rahim and like to have him as my best friend is that he is not proud of his achievements. Sometimes, I wonder if he even knows what we think of him. He is always calm and quiet. I am an ordinary student and my parents are not half as rich as his. I have always depended upon him for one thing or another, but, considering the way in which he treats me, one might think that he had been indebted to me all his life. My favorite friend is such a nice young man wish him every success in life.

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