May 16, 2012



Points: Introduction - Kinds of games - Helpful to each other conclusion.
I am a student. But though as a student, I cannot pass my time only in reading and writing. So I require recreation. By this I mean refreshment of my body and mind. This I have in different ways with my play-mates. They are of my age.

I have several play-mates. But of them I like three most. They have been my friends since my childhood. We live in adjoining houses. So we can mix with one another as frequently as we like. These play-mates and friends of my mine are Sohail, Asif and Aslam. We look upon one another as brothers.

Our main games are foot-ball,volley-ball, cricket, badminton, carom and ludo. On clear days we play foot-ball, cricket, or badminton. But when the day is cloudy and the weather is foul we play indoor games. On Fridays we pass our time in playing one or other of the indoor games.

Our games do not always go on smoothly. We often differ and quarrel. But as we love one another deeply, this does not last for long. When any two of us differ or quarrel, the third arranges a compromise. So, no outsider can know anything about our differences. Everybody takes a lenient view of us. They do so perhaps because we are so deeply attached to one another.

The above are our open games. When mangoes or guavas ripen, we conceal ourselves behind the leaves and make a feast of these. When sugar-canes are fit for taking, nobody knows where we stay.

We• have our own dreams and fancies. We make and unmake plans for our future. These short-lived plans give us pleasure, but donot lead us anywhere. They are just like passing shows.

We are helpful to one another in all our difficulties. When one of us falls ill, the others are constantly by-his bed-side. The people of our locality say that we have different bodies but only one soul.

We desire to live together forever as now. But who knows what is in store for us? We are very much afraid of the time when we shall not see one another for days together, months together and even years together.

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