September 11, 2013

The Most Important Subject At My School

Essay : [The Most Important Subject At My School]

English Essay on "The Most Important Subject At My School"

The Most Important Subject At My School

There are many subjects taught at my school. The modern school curriculum is drawn up according to the needs of the communities where the school are situated and with due consideration to 8-sychological endowments and social and cultural environment of the learners. All subjects taught at any school are, therefore, useful.
History tells us of the past and in doing so, advises us to the dangers that may confront the nations of the world, if mistakes and shortcomings of the past are not eradicated. Geography makes us acquainted with the wealth and expanse of the world in which we live. Knowledge of Mathematics teaches us exactness in thinking and reasoning, besides' enabling us to make calculations in our dealings with one another. Physics, Chemistry, and other sciences satisfy our curiosity of nature and help us to control nature. Languages are keys to communication.
The subject I consider to be the most important is a language namely English. The first reason why I consider it most important is that it is the sole medium of instruction in my school. Without a proficient knowledge of these languages, no pupil in my school can understand what is written in his books or what his teachers or classmates say in class. Nor can he express himself intelligibly when asked an oral question in class, or required to answer one in a written examination.( Correctly spoken language is sure to be understood properly by all who know it correctly, but grammatically and idiomatically wrong language is liable to interpreted differently by different people. Hence the danger of be grossly misunderstood, or being completely ignored.
The second reason why I consider English to be the most important subject is that it is a universal language. Most languages introduce their foreign learners only to the nationals of certain particular countries. But English enables its learners to travel all over the globe without encountering any serious difficulties. It is spoken in all countries of the Commonwealth. Besides, -it is the national language of the United States of America and a number of past and' present colonies of Britain. Almost all other' countries encourage its learning.
English has inherited the literary traditions of both the east and the west. The first speakers of English came from Northern Europe and the rest moved into Britain from Southern Europe “Christianity brought Britain into an extremely close contact with Greece, Rome, Palestine, and the Arab world English had another opportunity of sharing literary heritage with that of Empire extended its boundaries over parts of the five continents. For this reason, anybody with a good knowledge of English can read literary masterpieces of all these countries in translation, if not in original and understand their cultural backgrounds.

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