August 03, 2012



Points: Introduction – Why standards are low – How to improve – Conclusion.

The standard of education in the country is steadily falling. The students turning out every year from our educational institutions are not up to the mark. They are much below the expected standard.

Let us find out where does the evil lie. In fact, our education lacks meaning and purpose. The national education policy in every country is planned according to its environs and conditions. In the socialist countries, for instance, the education is so designed as to strengthen the infrastructure of socialism. But when it is Pakistan's turn, any talk of giving ideology basis to our education is held in contempt. The process of undermining the ideological basis still continues unabated. The entire syallabi right from the lower to the higher level should be planned in accordance with the ideology of the country. Again, this alone will not lead to the desired result unless the teachers faithfully adhere to this ideology. A good work cannot be accomplished by a bad workman.

The whole system of education in our country is out of date. There is a set pattern of papers and books and also of lectures. The planners, teachers, students and the examination system all are responsible for the fast deteriorating standards of education. The planners of our education are mostly fed on borrowed ideas which have no relevance to needs. Teachers, too, are no less responsible for this deteriorating standard of education. Barring a few honorable exceptions, most of them are teachers by accident. They lack sincerity of purpose, dedication and missionary zeal. Student's indifference towards studies is to-day largely due to the slackness allowed in the examination. Why should they undergo the pain of study when the door of unfair means is wide open to them. The whole system has to undergo a drastic change and the earlier the better.

A comprehensive plan to raise the standard of education in our country should be evolved. Emphasis should be laid on meaningful education. Our education should be oriented to the ideology of Pakistan.

For the improvement of the educational standard, it will be advisable to start a kind of refresher courses for the College level teachers who join the profession immediately after completing their education. More colleges should be started to accommodate more students. The crowded classes of 100 or 200 students definitely tell on the quality of teaching at higher level. The service conditions of the teachers should also be improved to attract better talents to join this profession. Proper incentive and reward should be given to teachers for writing standard books which students badly need. The publication and sale of trash notes should be legally banned. The current practice of setting stereotyped and traditional questions should be replaced by intelligent questions whose answers may not be available in cheap bazaar

The system of supplementary examination and the practice of allowing the students to pass in installments should be stopped. If a student fails in one paper he should be asked to reappear in all the papers. If this is done he will be obliged to become more attentive to studies. The system of midterm examination and the weekly test should be re-introduced.

It is expected that our educational experts will evolve a viable and decent policy catering try our needs and the requirements of time.

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