February 07, 2013



We all know that corruption in almost all undeveloped or developing societies is the order of the day. Firstly, corruption is common because the people in general, especially in the developing or Third World countries, are not well off, and they need more money and resources to meet their growing requirements. Just take the example of a clerk working in an office on a meager income who has to support his wife and children. Finding it difficult to feed and clothe his family and to pay the rent of the house and bear medical and educational expenses of the children, he begins accepting petty bribes in his office.

However, corruption cannot be justified in any circumstances. If a person cannot easily make both ends meet, he should work more or work elsewhere to earn more. Those who can learn technical skills to work in workshops or factories should become expert technicians, Those who can teach in government or private schools and institutes, should teach as much as they can. It is far better for the members of a family to labour and to earn little by little to add to the family funds. First, there should be as much equality as possible in the country. The division of the society into the classes of extremely poor and extremely rich people and the middle class without enough facilities and chance to progress should go. As suggested elsewhere the feudal structure in the villages and the oppressive capitalistic structure in the cities should be replaced by a fair just one.4essay.blogspot.com

Secondly, education should be within the reach of all kinds of people. When the people get universally educated, they will be able to work more efficiently and their earnings will rise. They will be generally satisfied and the causes of corruption will be mostly eliminated.

Thirdly, the leaders and politicians should be men of integrity. Their devoted leadership and honest dealings will set a pattern of life and work for the nation.4essay.blogspot.com

In the fourth place, a religious and moral atmosphere in society will create a sense of honest living among the people. Our religious scholars, teachers, newspapers, radio and TV can play an important role in this connection.4essay.blogspot.com

In, the fifth place, heavy punishments for corrupt people should keep them from indulging in corruption. Corrupt government servants and anyone accepting bribes in any form should be punished after a proper trial in a court of law.

It is very difficult, though not impossible, to solve the difficult social problem of corruption. It is we who will overcome corruption before we allow it to drown us in its poison to kill us as a nation.

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