August 17, 2013

Compulsory Military Training

Compulsory Military Training

Points: Introduction – A nation should be strong enough to defend itself – Peace seems to be a wish full dream – Merits of compulsory military training – Intensive military should be introduced in Pakistan.

By military training is meant that kind of training whose object is to make men soldiers primarily for the defence of the country. This training is called compulsory when all the able-bodied persons of the country are made to undergo it for the defence of their country from the attacks of powerful neighbours

“Man is a rational animal’ says Aristotle. But he is more an animal than is rational. So he had the greed of the animal in him and, as an animal has the nature of snatching away for his own satisfaction what belongs to a weakest person. What is true of a man is also true of a nation, for a nation is nothing more than a collection of human beings. Hence, when a nation becomes very strong in men, money and military power, it naturally casts a greedy look on its weak neighbours and tries to overpower them and make them its slaves: In such circumstances, the weaker nations cannot rest idle and allow them to be tampled upon by the stronger nation. In order to save themselves and their hearth and home, they are under the unavoidable necessity of making themselves militarily strong to be able to push back the onslaughts of the enemy.

The two last Great Wars have opened the eyes of man to the destructive side of military, conflicts. Inspite of the innumerable international conferences summit talks and peace missions, the threat of war could not be ruled out. The powerful nations profess one thing but practice

It is an age of conflicts and hostilities, war appears to have become a normal course. Peace seems to be a wishful dream. The wars of these days are not between armies which represent a small part of this population, but they mean the drafting of the whole nation into military service. This kind of war is called total war in which the entire nation is drawn into fighting directly or indirectly. The only way to fight out this evil is through a preparation for war at national level.

Compulsory military training has other merits too. It greatly helps in building up a nation into a robust and disciplined people. It develops manliness and shakes off timidity. It instills into the heart of a trainee a dashing spirit; a go ahead attitude, healthy outlook and a sound character. He learns discipline and system. He learns to obey as well as to command, to organise as well as to lead. Armed with these qualities, he can face any serious situation of life with per-feet calmness of mind. Compulsory military training thus makes a nation disciplined, bold, progressive and resourceful. And a nation which is so gifted is destined to make its mark however strong and stout may be the enemy it has to face.

Intensive military training should be introduced in country. Germany France, Russia, the U.S.A, China, England and so many other countries have introduced compulsory military training. It is with this objective in view that the Commission on National education has recommended the introduction of compulsory military training. A few years ago a sort of military called the N.C.C. or J.B. Force had been introduced in some of the colleges. Its achievements are not encouraging. No other training can create in our young men the habit of self-obedience, team spirit and co-operation in a better way than military training does. A compulsory military training is the only way to make our people smart, active and useful citizens.

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