October 24, 2012



Points: Introduced – Fresh atmosphere – Gardens on either side of the road – The lake and the sunset – Conclusion.

Everyone knows that walking is useful and pleasant exercise. Who can deny the pleasure of going out for a walk in the evening after a hot day?.4essay.blogspot.com

At about 5 O'clock yesterday I left my home for my usual evening walk. After about fifteen minutes I came upon the broad road which leads to an open field. I felt as if I was living in a new world. The air that I breathed was different from that which I had been breathing so far, for it was cool, fresh and bracing. The sights I saw were different. In front of me lay a long road, on both sides of which were seen big shady trees with green leaves. I felt much joy in walking on that road. There was not much traffic and only a few cars glided past me. A few gentleman passed by me on their bicycles, and their bells sounded clear and musical.

I saw some people taking their evening walk like me. There was an old man with his grandson. Oh! what an interesting sight they were ! The old man wanted to go ahead, but the little child paused many a time and would not move forward. This annoyed the old man, but he could not help it. There was also a labour who was returning home after whole day's hard work. He was singing songs which were full of joy.

After walking some distance I left the main road and followed another path. On both sides of it were beautiful gardens. It was very pleasant to look at them. There was a big lake there. It was really delightful to be there. The rays of the sun, played on the surface of the lake made the waters look bright.

But it was more delightful to look at the sky. The sun was about to set and the sky was tinged with many kinds of colours. It was crimson in some places and rosy in others. In fact, the whole sky seemed to be dotted with small patches of different colours. All this had a soothing influence upon me.

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