November 18, 2012



Points: Introduction – My temptation to visit zoo. The zoo is a world in itself – Different kinds of animals.

Whenever I have a little leisure, the temptation is always strong with me to visit the Zoo in our town. I prefer it to other places, where I can amuse myself, because it is at a convenient distance from my home, and I can walk to it without tiring myself. All people, however; do not go there on foot. Many drive to the Zoo in carriages also. At the same time I like to go there, because one has not to pay anything to get inside and this is a great attraction in itself.

The Zoo is a world in itself. It is inhabited mostly by animals and birds. It is a pity, however, that these animals are not free to go wherever they like. Probably if they could move about freely, the lives of many of the visitors would not be quite

The first thing I saw in the Zoo last time was a lion. It looked dreadful and fierce and I felt afraid of it, even though it was behind the thick bars of the cage. It walked up and down the cage constantly, but sometimes it stopped and gave a dreadful roar. I saw some tigers also in the Zoo. The tiger with its striped skin, its furious eyes, sharp and gleaming teeth, and outstretched claws, looked grand and fearful. I really admired those men who had been able to trap it. The leopard with spots on his skin was another beast that I saw. Its cruel teeth, fierce eyes and straight whiskers, were enough to send a shudder through my body.

I was, therefore, glad to take leave of these cruel animals and meet the monkeys who were so funny and friendly. I saw some of them going up and down the trees, and others jumping from one branch of the tree to the

I was much amused when the monkey grinned on receiving a few bananas from us.

The elephant which was chained to the trunk of a big tree was wonderful to look at. Its fan-like ears, its long and flexible trunk, its legs as huge as pillars, were all impressive to look at. It was, however, a joy to think that the elephant had been tamed, and its keeper allowed the spectators to have joy-rides for fifty paisa only.

I saw a pond also wherein, huge alligators, bulky crocodiles, and slow tortoises were to be seen. I saw some red coloured fishes also darting to and fro in the water, and they were really beautiful to look at.

It was a great delight to see the birds. Some were big, others were small and slender; some were white and many were black. Some of these birds had also plumes which shone brightly in the sun. I was really surprised to see that there were so many kinds of sparrows. The sparrows, so tiny and so comely to look at, filled the air with their delightful sounds. Last of all I saw the snakes and though they were behind the glass walls still I felt afraid of them. There were all kinds of snakes there, the cobra, the viper, and the serpent. In an iron cage I saw a boa-constrictor also, which was endlessly long.

I was being haunted by the fear of snakes, when I saw the peacock with its gorgeous tail. Its sight made me forget the snakes, and I came back to my place after spending a happy time there in the Zoo.

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