December 21, 2013

A Road Safety Campaign In My Town

Essay : [A Road Safety Campaign In My Town]

English Essay on "A Road Safety Campaign In My Town"

A Road Safety Campaign In My Town

After a series of serious road accidents in our town, the traffic police of the town launched a road safety campaign. It was inaugurated by the Chief Police Officers. Representatives of school, business houses, and Government offices had been invited to attend the ceremony. In addition to them, all drivers and pedestrians were welcome were to be present.

In declaring the campaign open, the Chief Police Officer pointed to the rising number of deaths and serious disabilities and deformities caused by road accidents. He stressed on the need for being well versed in the provisions of the Highway Code. The listeners were also advised to keep mechanically defective vehicles off the road. According to him unread worthy vehicles caused the most accidents.

The campaign having been officially opened. There was a display of driving by the testers from the office of the Registrar and inspector of motor vehicles. They impressed the spectators with their skilful handling of vehicles while driving, reversing, stopping, changing gears and turning right or left. .They also demonstrated how accidents often took place and how they could be avoided. Some constable from the traffic police showed how pedestrians and motorcyclists were responsible for many accidents.

Many service stations and workshops in the town provided facilities for the motorists to have their vehicles checked for any possible defects, free of charge.( Many motorists, motor-cyclists and scooters availed themselves of the facilities. Outside the town, the traffic police marked measured miles to enable the drivers to check their speedometers.

For the schoolchildren, special traffic games were held on the town Padang. At these games demonstrations were given of how to cross the road on foot, of how to turn right or left, enter the road, or come to a stop while riding a bicycle or a motor-cycle. In various schools, the prefects checked each and every bicycle for mechanical defects or for lack of proper equipment. The owners of bicycles without locks, bells, lamps, reflectors, and effective brakes etc were fined and compelled to have the defects corrected immediately.

Officials from the traffic police visited the school to address the pupils and teachers. They all repeated the various points made by the chief police officer while declaring the road, safety campaign open.

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