December 21, 2013

A Visit To A Library

Essay : [A Visit To A Library]

English Essay on "A Visit To A Library"

A Visit To A Library

Last Saturday as I was reading a novel, I came across a word which I had never seen or heard before. I could not find it in any of my dictionaries, either. My father told me that I might find the word in the Encyclopedia Britannica, a very costly book, published in a number of volumes. This book was available at the central library of our town. Therefore, I decided to go there.

As I approached the building in which the library is housed I found that all its doors and windows were open, but I could not hear anybody talking inside. I thought that it was still too early for any visitor to have arrived there. On entering the building, however, I was surprised to find that, far from being empty it was already crowded with visitors. Most of them were sitting at the tables there, going over some newspapers and magazines, or consulting some reference books. The other was going from shelf to shelf looking for the books they wanted to borrow. They moved about noiselessly so that they might not disturb the quiet atmosphere of the place.

The library clerk, who appeared to be a very conscientious fellow, met me as I entered, and asked me what he could do for me. I told him what volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I wished to consult and asked him if it was in. He said of course, it is in. A reference book I never lent out.( He led me to a cupboard marked Reference, took out the volume I required and placed it on a table nearby. As I sat down to turn over its pages for the word that I wanted to look up, he went back to his table.

After I had made note of the explanation given in the Encyclopedia, I decided to have a look at the whole library. I found that all the books there had been arranged on the shelves in different cupboards. It was, therefore, very easy, indeed, to find a book, provided that it was there. There were cupboards containing books on Fiction, Biography, Literature, History, Geography, Education, Sports, Law, and Mathematics and so on. The children's section contained a number of cupboards, full of books for children of all ages. As I went from one cupboard to another, and found them open, I glanced through a book here and there. I was so interested in some of the books that I spent more than two hours going round the library.

Then I went to the clerk's table. Whenever a member of the library borrowed a book or returned one, the clerk made a note of it in a register kept for the purpose, and also on a card carried by the member concerned. If a member complained that he was unable to find a certain volume in its usual place, the clerk knew where it could be found. He was always willing to help, and so were the members of his staff.

I was so much impressed by the wide range of books in the library, by the peaceful atmosphere prevailing over the place, and by the willing and prompt service rendered by the library staff that I decided to became a member of it. I filled in an application form and, along' with the subscription for one ear, handed it over to the clerk.

I have made up my mind to visit the central library frequently, and to borrow and read as many of the books there as I can. I shall persuade all my friends and classmates, too, to enroll as members of it.

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